About Setu

Setu’s advanced solutions are crafted to strengthen your body functions to solve and check conditions induced by present-day lifestyles. With four decades of global experience in manufacturing the most optimal natural ingredients, we make nature more efficacious through modern technology and nutritional science. Setu supplements your lifestyle and empowers you to achieve wellbeing goals, and is your bridge to living life the happier, healthier way.

From the House of Omniactive

Setu was born out a long tradition of expertise in the natural ingredients space. The Mariwala family has long been present in the food, beverage, agricultural commodities and plant-extract businesses. Our lineage began with Bombay Oil Industries Limited, an agro-commodities trading house that has spawned successful agro-based businesses including Marico, Kancor Ingredients, OmniActive Health Technologies, Keya Foods and Eternis Fine Chemicals. With more than a 200-year history in purchasing and trading in natural extracts, and about a century of expertise in extraction and manufacturing techniques, Setu is built on a bedrock of innovation, creativity and quality. OmniActive, our parent company, is an ingredient supplier of trust and choice to innovators across the dietary supplement and functional food sphere.