Are Nuts Good For our Health?

Are Nuts Good For our Health?

More on Healthy and Healing Nuts

● Many of us lure for dessert and cannot wait to try variety of these desserts coming in our way. What we must admire is, all these enriching and mouth watering ingredients that have been long used in our delicacies aren’t really ours and it would be presumptuous of us to call them ‘indigenous’.

● Surprisingly, most of the junk foods like pasta , pizza that belong to western food culture , nuts and dry fruits also in real sense are not ‘home grown’. Nuts like Almond, Walnut, Pecan Brazil Nut and Cedar Nut have long drawn history and originated in whole different places.

● The initial cultivation of Almond goes back to the native of Mediterranean region of Middle East from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and eventually to the rest of the world. Similarly English Walnut originated in Persia and the traces of Black Walnut goes back to somewhere in North America. The Wild Pecan belongs to America and was considered as colonial delicacy. Pecans were also grown in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas. Brazil Nuts or South American Nuts were originally found in Venezuela, Brazil, Eastern Peru and so on. Cedar Nuts which are from the species of Siberian Pine are ornamental vegetation which initially occurred in Siberia.


● A handful of these nutritious nuts can bring health benefits and on the other hand a plate full of fries can bring all kind of diseases in our body.

Go Nuts over Nuts

As much as it is fascinating to establish a whole new diet system that includes some of the most nutritious and crunchy nuts, it is even more difficult to plan one that ‘has it all’. So trying a combination of oats with milk , honey and almonds or walnut can be our next step towards a healthy breakfast or our lunch could be prepared in organic and healthy oil like the ground nut oil or the cedar nut oil . These nuts have the potential to reduce the cholesterol level and improve our heart.

What are the right kinds of Nuts?

The nuts in general are one of the finest and richest ingredients to be used in our food and they are either expensive or hard to procure in some places. But over the years and the gradual building of civilization the nut cultivation flourished almost everywhere and thus today we are being able add that little topping of those delicious and crispy nuts over our hot chocolate and muffin. Some of the nuts are hardly available and that is why we should not miss it the next time we grab our eyes on them.


Raw and Roasted Almond for damage control: Having all the varieties like ‘Mamra Badam’, ‘American badam’ or ‘Chocolate Badam’ aside, almond in general are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium. The fibre rich almond are great source of antioxidant and is a gluten free substitute for major grains like wheat or flour.

Why not Pecan? Popular by demand that dominates most of the major crops in the world, pecan includes active selection and breeding process. It has vital fats, protein, carbohydrate and has minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium, that decreases the chance of heart diseases.

All Purpose, hard round Walnut for everyone: ‘All purpose’ because of its extensive usage in several cuisine and major foods like meat, milk, coffee, dessert, pickle. Acres of land have been dedicated to walnut cultivation. They are good source of protein, energy vitamins, healthy fatty acid for our body. Consumption of little walnut can really be good for our body and can also reduce the possibility of coronary artery diseases.

If not Brazil Nut then Trikon Fal: In India it is common by the name of ‘trikon fal’ which is triangular in shape. This nut can be either eaten raw or can be drunk as Brazil nut milk. One of the important constituents of this nut is called Selenium, that interacts with protein and protects the body. Brazil nuts are great way to reduce weight and powerful enough to prevent Thyroid, Cancer and Heart issues.


Think Cedar: When we begin to execute our diet containing nuts and dryfruits, we must not step back from trying the amazing Cedar Nut from Siberia. The cold Siberian nut which are exotic in nature have omega 3 fatty acid, high vitamins keeping the artery free from developing ‘Plaque’ and overthrowing ‘bad diseases‘ from the body.

The global village has a wide range of ordinary food items as well as extra ordinary gourmet and world food. Gathering valuable nourishment to stay fit and getting all types of food products are easier than it was ever before. It is just about the time to choose the correct and the safest options when it comes to food and lifestyle choices.