Do You Feel Bloated? Know The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating

Do You Feel Bloated? Know The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating

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Simply quoted, bloating is the state when gas is filled up in the intestines leaving the belly swollen and uneasy…It can occur unexpectedly leaving you wondering about the cause. You may not have over-eaten or indulged in any wrong act. Bad eating habits, digestion issue and hormones can cause bloating. It is extremely common in women. If you are distraught with bloating, try these tested remedies to feel the difference…

Ways to prevent bloating

Ways to prevent bloating

● Drink up

Drinking lot of water can ease your bowel movement and improve your digestion mechanism. It is also the simplest remedy to avoid bloating!

● Increase Your Fibre Intake

Increase your daily fibre intake. This can improve bowel movements and avoid bloating. Consuming plenty of fresh fruits can be a good remedy. Include plenty of fruits and cereals in your regular diet and see how effectively you can prevent bloating. Multi-grain bread, oatmeal are other common high fibre foods to try out and avoid bloating.

● Overcome PMS or Pre-Menstrual Symptoms

Women will unanimously agree with me that PMS is the most vexing ever. During most of your menstrual cycle you are bloating, suffering from water retention leaving you uneasy and uncomfortable even on the busiest days. If YOU are frustrated, lend a thought on the pregnant women, new moms and other lot…Bloating can be the most distressful condition for them. The increase in hormone during the period can increase hormone production causing slow digestion and water retention. Cut on excess salt in the week before the menstrual cycle and feel the difference.

● Eliminate gassy food

If you want to avoid bloating, you have to sacrifice some of your favorite snacks such as potato chips and fries. So if you hate being bloated up, avoid binging on gassy foods such as potatoes, lentils, beans and other gas generating edibles.

● Walks Can Be A Great Help

If you are feeling even slightly bloated up, try a brisk 10 minute walk. Believe me… It can relieve you soon from the bloating.

● Manage dairy intake

Not everyone can digest dairy products such as milk, curd, ice creams easily. If you are feeling bloated after dairy intake, reduce your servings. Over the period as your digestion improves, you can increase your servings.

● Don’t eat in a haste

You should be careful while eating. If you eat in a hurry and gulp in lot of air, you will be bloated and uncomfortable. Avoid gassy, carbonated drinks and don’t consume heavy meals. Eat patiently in smaller quantity and allow proper digestion.

● Monitor your medications

Did you know that certain of your medications can bloat you? Now on be careful while opting for medicines. Avoid anti-depressants, antihistamines, iron pills and Calcium supplements with carbonate or bicarbonate.