How To Improve Your Gut Flora In A Day

How To Improve Your Gut Flora In A Day

Inescapable Microbiota

It is rightly said that how we interact with nature and its elements determine a lot about our survival. By ‘Elements’, one can also understand the millions of lives existing; multicellular and unicellular organism in the nature. To the best of my understanding, men cannot have control over all these elements that are existing, but they can certainly interact with them in the best possible way. It might appear a little vague at first to establish a thought on how a tiny microorganism or a set of genetic materials present in them can impact the mighty Human being. Much to my surprise, scientists and researches state that a community of ‘Microbiome’ or ‘Microbiota’ are present everywhere in plants; animals; water; the phone that we use; inhabiting the skin, mouth, nose and even digestive system of Human Bodies.

How do the microorganisms work?

Every Human Being has their own army of microbiomes inside their body, consisting of bacteria, fungi, archaea and virus. There are different categories of these microbes in our body, the friendly ones helping our metabolism and the not so friendly microbes affecting our body. The Bacteria and other microorganism have many sources to get inside a human body, for instance the most common way for a child to get these microbes are from his or her mother. But how the community of these microorganisms develop in our body, depends a lot on how we train them. Meaning, if we choose a better eating habit and lifestyle we can develop an army of friendly microbes, which can keep us healthy.

● Our food habit must be adequately balanced between right kinds of fibre, protein and healthy fats so it keeps the microbes in our body healthy.

● However it is important to have the right type of fat. High fat can increase inflammation in the body and can lead to obesity. It also increases the growth of bad microorganisms in the system.

● Unfriendly microbes like parasites or bad bacteria produce toxin in the system which increases the chance of gaining weight.
How do the microorganisms work?

● The issue of gaining weight depends a lot on our gut flora. Fatty acids in the body provide energy to the entire system and all its organs and cells.

● Although food containing saturated fatty acids can be avoided as they create health issues like heart diseases and blood cholesterol.
How do the microorganisms work?

● Diets having Monounsaturated fatty acids like olive oil, avocado, almond and Polyunsaturated fatty acids like vegetable oils, corn are beneficial for our body. Omega 3 fatty acids are a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Food like fish, walnut, spinach contain essential Omega 3 fatty acids and they decrease the risk of Cardiac diseases also.

Why we need a healthy bacterial system

In order to keep our Gut Bacteria healthy, the first step is to know our body. Not all of these gut bacteria are beneficial.

● The friendly ones like Probiotics moving in our digestive tract help human bodies to produce essential vitamins, break down food, convert sugar into valuable nutrients, keep the bowel wall healthy, regulate the bowel movement and perform many other important functions.

● Intake of antibiotics and other medication, increase in stress level , the modern ways of life and the lifestyle choices we make can hugely impact the bacterial system in our body.

● The long term effects of unhealthy bacterial system can in turn affect the mental state, weight, digestion, metabolism and immunity of a human body.

Ways to manage the Gut system

Experts and Nutritionists went to numerous places across the world to study food culture among people and found out a great variety of Traditional Diet. Here are some traditional ways with a bit of a modern touch to restore our digestive health : Ways to manage the Gut system ● Most traditional food have important nutrients like healthy fat for example good quality butter, properly cooked grain and prepared dairy, real fermented food like pickles or yogurts. All of these can heal our digestive system.

● In the traditional food system the food is grown using agricultural methods that can retain the quality of food and maintain the nutrient value of the food. Modern diet as opposed to traditional diet can cause health issues like chronic diseases for example Cancer or Type 2 diabetes.

● Other than traditional food, antibiotics or anti-inflammatory and food that doesn’t suit our body type can be avoided.

● Probiotic Supplements found in the market are not really beneficial. But getting the right kind of Bacteria for the Gut can help us to some extent. Setu’s Your Gut, with 9 strains and 15 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of naturally fermented probiotics rich in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria - is your key to better digestion and immunity.

● To understand the influence of microbes in our body, we can start with eating vegetables and food that contain important nutrients and avoid sugar and junk food. This will keep those sweet tooth bacteria away from our gut.

● Lastly there are some steps that can be taken personally to improve our digestive health. Eating good quality food, chewing the food properly, reducing stress and working out daily can bring a significant change in a person’s health.

Like everything else, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your microbiome. You may be a strict vegetarian or non vegetarian. The key is to keep supporting your microbiome with the foods that are healthy for you.



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