21st Century Temptations - The 7 Deadly Sins That Are Hurting Your Health

21st Century Temptations -  The 7 Deadly Sins That Are Hurting Your Health

Think you know what we’re talking about when we say the ‘seven deadly sins?’ Think again. The shift in our lifestyle, over the past century, has brought with it an early onset of lifestyle ailments: fatty liver, early diabetes, blurry vision and so many more.

It’s time for a shift.

So, we are re-defining the capital vices, because these modern-day sins might just be the death of us. Check out our list of #TheNowSins, what they are, and how you can absolve yourself from them by getting on the righteous path of the #TheNowWay

1. Poor Eating

1. Poor Eating

The more that’s made available to us, the more we want. It’s true what they say about potato chips, you can’t eat just one. But, if you are what you eat, are the quick food delivery guys turning you into a potato? Food for thought, right?

2.  Device Addiction

2. Device Addiction

At some point along the way, your phone stopped being just a tool and life became a chained-to-tech sort of situation. You can’t look away from the blue light, Can you? And watery eyes, redness, blurry vision are all hidden signs.

3.  Binge Drinking

3. Binge Drinking

It’s the freakin’ weekend and you want to party right. And its so difficult to say ‘No’ to that one last drink? Umm, your liver might not be too happy about that.

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4.  Workaholism

4. Workaholism

Yes, that’s a thing that most of us are doing. In the rat race that we call life, there’s no time for rest, which means we are constantly low on fuel. Does that energy drink really give you wings? Or get you feeling bloaty and restless. Time to ponder.

5.  Sugar Craving

5. Sugar Craving

It’s terribly addictive, supremely delicious and let’s be honest, gives us more than just a sweet tooth! Its Sugar, and its everywhere. Deep down you ‘know’ how bad it is for you and the frequent energy crashes, mood swings and acne pop might be the early signs of diabetes (not kidding!)

6.  Lack Of Sleep

6. Lack Of Sleep

I mean, do we need any more fatigue?! The blue light from our mobile and laptop screens and stress from work is keeping us awake and how! This only spells bad news for our health: pressure to the heart, a.k.a hypertension, and loads of free radical damage which ages you faster and makes you none the wiser.

7.  Lethargy

7. Lethargy

And finally, when all of this gets too much for our body, we shut down! Laziness, tiredness, and lethargy is not a stranger to any of us. Our body sticks to being in its comfort zone, but is that any good?

What you may not realize is that your modern lifestyle could be healthy too! It’s time to take action so that you keep doing what you love, for longer!