Your dog needs probiotics too

Your dog needs probiotics too

Dogs are man’s best friend, but are you your dog’s best friend too? The only way to tell is if you actually care about these cute canines, especially when it comes to their food. Even though your dog might have a strong stomach, it is susceptible to several issues related to gut immunity. With over a thousand different live bacteria strains present in your digestive system, it’s only natural that we know about a just a handful of them. But what we also know is that even your dogs need probiotics to avoid irritable bowel movements. After all, you don’t want your best friend to poop all over your house. It just neutralizes his cuteness.

Why does your dog need probiotics?

Dogs pretty much eat anything they see. They also might eat large chunks of food that require proper digestion. Almost 80% of your dog’s immune system is based in his gut. So, just like humans, dogs too need probiotics that are already present in their body, from the digestive system to the respiratory organs. Due to modern pet diets, it is necessary to give your dog probiotic supplements. Keeping a good balance to ensure they are continuously fighting the bad bacteria is essential for their overall immunity.

My dog is pooping everywhere – Does he need probiotics?

My dog is pooping everywhere – Does he need probiotics? Does your dog have a face when he feels like pooping, or does he bark at you? While this problem can be solved by prior intimation from your dog, obviously, there’s no way you can tell if your dog needs probiotics, right? Wrong…. If he has any of these issue, you should consider giving him a supplement – excessive shedding, ear infections, foul odour, constant scratching or itching & the most common one – Diarrhea.

Can you give your dog probiotics for humans?

While there are several options specifically designed for dogs in the market, you can still give him a probiotic for humans, if it has the right strains of bacteria. Your Gut tablets contain 9 different natural strains of probiotic bacteria, all of which are absolutely protective to his overall immunity.

How do you give your dog probiotics?

Dogs are just like kids, you need to be very deceitful when it comes to medicine. Probiotic supplements are generally administered orally, often concealed in their food, so that they don’t realize. So the next time you want to give Your Gut to your dog, ensure it’s well hidden and served with Pedigree.

Don’t forget to show your loyalty to the most loyal species on Earth. Ensure that you take care of them and love them, as much as they love you. After all, they are an integral part of your close family.