Your liver needs a detox

Your liver needs a detox

Often the modern way of life is seen as a constant practice of getting a better lifestyle. In this process of reaching where we always wanted to be and achieving what we always wanted for us, we sometimes go out of our ways and exert ourselves which eventually leads to an unhealthy condition for us to live.

Along with the advantages of modern development like better educational facilities, life saving medicines and vaccines, mining of bitcoins and so on and so forth, it comes with its own downsides. In this race of life we tend to adapt such behaviours which can be potentially harmful for our body. For instance the first thing I know I do is to wake up and check my friends’ Instagram posts and think about it. The second easy choice that I make is to avoid social gathering and instead have my friends and relatives to my place over a cup of coffee. And all these communications take just a text message. The amazingly fast way of life often makes me think that am I making lousy choices just to be a little more comfortable in life?

The Modern life has given us drug that gives us instant energy, fast foods that saves our time and technology which makes social life easier but it has also given us obesity , over worked liver and increased stress.

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One of the primary functions of liver is to digest, absorb and process food. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. As it does so it secrets bile, which helps to break down fats preparing them for further digestion and absorption. The spleen checks every red blood cell. It checks its viability and any red blood cell it doesn’t like, the spleen sends it to the liver and the liver breakdown the protein or blood cells to converts it into bile so we can digest fat. If the spleen doesn’t work correctly because of incorrect diet or toxic blood, it gets clogged up and the liver becomes inactive leaving behind old red blood cell in the body. This reduces the ability of liver to burn fat and process food. When the liver is overworked it impacts the immune system in a negative way and thus it cannot fight the poisonous substances in the body making us prone to picking up diseases and infections.

A slight behavioural change and the desire to live a better life can in turn improve our metabolism. As we know that the liver is one of the most vital and the largest organs in the human body, with proper diet and healthy lifestyle choices we can regenerate our liver . Here are few ways to keep our liver healthy and to cleanse our body from the toxins. There are high level of toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe and almost everywhere , experts recommend to follow a detox diet once in a while.



  • Drinking a lot of water is the most natural way to purify our system. It is often advised to consume eight to ten glasses of water in a day. Water helps in flushing out the toxic materials from the system.

Lemon Water

  • To have a toxic free day, sometimes I start my day with a glass of lemon water. Adding lemon juice to a glass of warm water can lower the amount of toxins and give us an energetic start. If that lemon water is too tangy for you, you can always add half a tablespoon of honey to it.


  • Preparing and consuming Detox Smoothies is half the battle won. Green Smoothies made of fresh vegetables and fruits like Apples, Avocados, Ginger, Spinach, Beetroot, Pears and so on are in fact a delicious way to clean our digestive system and detoxify our body.


  • Getting rid of Coffee and Tea that contain sugar, milk, cream, etc and switching to something healthy can be a challenge. Trying Green Tea and different types of Herbal Tea that have detox properties will not only help our system fight the toxic waste but also add variety in our lives

Reduce Stress

  • One of the most important ways of keeping poisonous or toxic material away from us is by choosing to be happy and reducing stress in life. It is advised to exercise at least for thirty minutes a day . Physical activities like Running or Yoga causes the body to sweat and sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins. If we work out everyday day ,it not only helps cleanse the body but also decreases the feeling of anxiety or stress.

  • Detoxing helps the liver function properly and brings a balanced state in our body. Setu’s Liver Lift is also a great remedy which can be tried to boost our metabolism. The medicine is designed to protect, enhance and regenerate liver function.