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beat it!

Multivitamins and minerals for heart health
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Your heart works non-stop, pulsing essential lifeblood through your veins, keeping pace with your 24x7 lifestyle. A daily dose of Setu’s Beat It! Is just what the doctor ordered to keep it ticking. Research has uncovered the heart-health benefits of each of this supplement’s naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Coenzyme Q10 fuels cellular growth and prevents oxidation, great for hardworking heart cells. Grape seed extract has strong vasoactive properties, and is a potent antioxidant. A deficiency in Vitamin D3 is seen as a risk factor for heart disease. Vitamin B12 supports blood vessels. Folates help reduce harmful homocysteine in the blood. They pave the healthier way to cardiovascular wellbeing. Say hello to a hale and hearty heart.

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Take one tablet per day with meals, or as recommended by your doctor.


Keep bottle tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place (15-25°C) out of the reach of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Beat It made for?

We recommend Setu’s Beat It for urban men and women over the age of 35. It serves as an early guardian for protection against like lifestyle diseases like hypertension, stress, early ageing and helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

What is CoQ10? What does it do?

CoQ10 is an essential co-enzyme or co-factor required for synthesis of Adenosine Tri Phosphate, the molecule that is the currency of biochemical energy. It is beneficial in naturally assisting a reduction in bad cholesterol levels thereby aiding in a healthy heart. Read more about Setu’s specially extracted CoQ10 here

What is Vitamin D3? What does it do?

Vitamin D3 is the absorbed form of Vitamin D in the body. It goes on to become further activated in the liver and kidneys to 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol. It has a range of health benefits like helping regulate healthy blood pressure levels, maintaining a healthy heart and blood vessels along with its most well-known benefit of maintaining healthy bones.

What is Vitamin B12? What does it do?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for normal production of red blood cells in the body along with assisting in giving your body natural protection against heart diseases.

Are there any medical conditions or medication that should not be used in conjunction with this supplement?

As stated on our label, no supplement should be utilized if you have a medical condition or taking any medication.

Should this be taken with food and/or water?

All Multivitamins should be taken with meals.

Head over to the Setu Blog for more detailed answers.

Other Ingredients

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.4mg
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1mcg
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 30mg
  • Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU
  • Vitamin E 100 IU
  • Vitamin K 25mcg
  • Magnesium (as Oxide) 200mg
  • Molybdenum (as Chelate) 45mcg
  • Selenium (as Selenomethionine) 25mcg