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Do you have digestive issues? Are you regularly battling a bloated stomach, digestive disorders and other gut-related issues? Digestive disorders can have a negative impact on your immune system. Setu Gut Health Supplement can easily resolve these issues if consistently used.

Features and benefits of Setu Gut Health Supplement

  • Setu Gut Health Supplements contains 9 Probiotic strains and 15 billion CFUs.
  • It is a 100% vegetarian product and safe to use.
  • Setu Gut Health Supplement promotes your gut health and makes your immune system stronger.
  • With Setu Gut Health Supplement indigestion can be kept at bay and make your tummy and mood happy.
  • It relieves symptoms of constipation by increasing the frequency of bowel movements.
  • Setu Gut Health Supplement protects the kidney by extracting toxic waste from the intestine and reducing the load on the kidney.

Best Supplement for Gut Health by Setu

A happy tummy is a key to overall health. Improve your gut flora with Gut Health Supplements from Setu. The supplement mentioned below is ideal for treating digestive issues. Incorporate these probiotic capsules in your diet for high absorption of nutrients, a robust immune system, and improved gut health.

Setu Tummy: Probiotic

Always in a bad mood due to a bad stomach? Digestive issues can cause a lot of discomfort and hamper your activities. Setu Tummy: Probiotic capsules can help you deal with digestive issues. They work fast and give you almost immediate relief.

Features and Benefits of Setu Tummy: Probiotic

  • Made of 100% plant-based natural ingredients, Setu Tummy: Probiotic is safe to use.
  • This probiotic capsule helps in relieving symptoms of constipation by increasing the frequency of bowel movements.
  • It boosts immunity by protecting the immune cells present in your gut.
  • Promotes healthy gut flora.
  • Setu Tummy: Probiotic has nine probiotic strains working to enhance your digestive health.

How to consume Setu Tummy: Probiotic?

The recommended dosage of Setu Tummy: Probiotic for adults is one capsule daily. You can just swallow the capsule with water. Continuous usage is suggested for desired results. Can discontinue once your gut health is restored.

When to consume Setu Tummy: Probiotic?

One Setu Tummy: Probiotic capsule should be consumed daily after breakfast or lunch.

Best Ingredients for Gut Health

Here is a list of ingredients, when available in gut health supplements, that give the best results.

  • 9 Probiotic Strains

  • A healthy gut is key to the overall being. Our gut is home to billions of bacteria and other microorganisms. It comprises about 70% of our immune cells. Live bacteria and yeasts called probiotics help to rebuild healthy gut flora. There are different strains of probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and each has its own advantages.

    The various benefits that can be derived from these probiotic strains are 

    • Probiotics, the live microorganisms, when available in adequate amounts, help in restoring the natural balance of gut bacteria. This will provide an array of health benefits. A healthy gut can enhance your overall health.
    •  Probiotics are known for treating symptoms of diarrhoea and reducing the severity as well. The probiotic strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei and the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii are generally administered to reduce the risk of diarrhoea.
    • It also helps in dealing with some mental health conditions. You will always be in a good mood and will rarely have any mental health issues if your gut flora is taken care of. Consuming probiotics for a minimum period of 8 weeks can help improve symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and memory.
    • Probiotics help in lowering cholesterol levels and managing blood pressure levels. Probiotics are in a great way, associated with heart health.
    • Probiotics reduce the risk and severity of eczema and other allergies. Infants who were given probiotic-supplemented milk were less susceptible to skin issues like eczema.
    • Probiotics from Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains help in improving certain bowel disorder symptoms like ulcerative colitis, IBS and necrotizing enterocolitis.
    • They also help in maintaining a robust immune system.
    • Probiotics enable weight loss through various mechanisms. Absorption of dietary fat in the intestine will be kept at bay. It will keep you satiated and curbs the intake of calories. The strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus aids weight loss to a large extent. 

    Probiotics can also be derived from food sources from fermented foods like yeast, pickle, 

    Yoghurt, etc. Persons who are unable to consume these foods can go for Setu Gut Supplement. 


    Who should take gut supplements?

    The imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the gut is a natural phenomenon. Certain changes in food habits, however, can keep this imbalance under control. However, persons who have gut issues given below can derive great benefits from probiotic supplements.

    • Digestive health issues
    • Constipation and irregular bowel syndrome
    • Diarrhoea and upset stomach
    • Digestive health issues due to age-related issues
    • Stress that leads to digestive disorders
    • Falling sick frequently due to a weak immune system
    • Flatulence, acidity and heartburn.

    Do probiotics help in dealing with gastritis?

    The use of probiotics can enhance digestion and promote regular bowel motions. The introduction of beneficial bacteria into the digestive system through probiotic supplements may help limit the spread of H. pylori. Consuming meals high in probiotics may help with gastritis symptoms.

    How to keep the stomach lining healthy naturally?

    You can reduce the damage that can be caused to the stomach lining by including foods rich in probiotics in your diet. Sauerkraut, Asparagus, Pineapple, Onion, Garlic, Bone broth, Apple cider vinegar, and Kimchi are some of the sources loaded with prebiotics and probiotics.

    When do you realise that you need probiotics?

    The key to overall health is a good stomach. To keep it functioning well to maintain your immunity levels, additional support will be required. Probiotics provide this support. If you have certain health conditions like asthma, food poisoning, frequent allergies, skin issues, prolonged illness, etc you will need the additional support of probiotics to deal with them. Setu Tummy: Probiotics are capsules with 15 billion CFUs, including Lactobacillus that help maintain gut health and help your overall health.

    What are the precautions to be taken about the consumption of probiotics?

    Persons with immune system issues who have had surgery and the ones who are critically ill should consult a physician before starting on the probiotic supplements.

    Why should probiotic supplements be taken despite finding it in several food sources?

    In comparison with the probiotics derived from food sources, your gut offers seven times the benefit. The reason is that the food sources provide the potency of a single strain, but the probiotic capsules contain the punch of 9 essential strains of probiotic bacteria. 

    Each probiotic capsule contains billions of probiotics that work together to improve gut health. Your Gut is enriched with probiotics that have great efficacy and remain in a completely active form until their last date of shelf life, whereas the majority of probiotics lose their potency in the packaging and storing stage.

    The product has premium ingredients, the efficacy of each component in the formulation is scientifically-backed, and there are no potential side effects.