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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

For a full refund of your order, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • This is only applicable on AM/PM Shred Combo & Skin Combo.
  • Use the product for 60 days as per its instructions without any break. Consistency is key!
  • Submit a refund request with your Order ID via email (contact@setu.in) or Whatsapp (+918956281654) within 75 days of your delivery. 
  • We’ll verify your order dates to ensure that you’re eligible for a refund, and respond to you ASAP!

However, our Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable in the following situations:

  • You haven’t consumed our supplements consistently! 
  • You’re suffering from a severe or underlying health condition that can delay or decrease the efficacy of our products. 

Thanks so much for shopping with us!