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BCAA is a general term for the essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine that are metabolized by the body and used as sources of muscle energy. They are referred to as Branched Chain Amino Acids because the molecular structure of these three amino acids includes branches. They have been identified as being very important to muscle since they are found in large quantities in muscle protein. Some of the benefits of consuming BCAA include increase in muscle growth, decrease in muscle soreness, reduced exercise fatigue, prevention against muscle wasting or breakdown and helps increase muscle mass.

About the ingredient

Found in
Meat, poultry and fish, Beans and lentils, Milk, Tofu and tempeh, Cheese, Eggs, Pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Nuts
Sourced from
Pea and brown rice
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Let’s understand the science !

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Let’s understand the science !

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