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Beetroot Extract (TruBeet®)

Beetroot Extract (TruBeet®) is a unique ingredient providing the highest concentration of all-natural nitrates purely derived from Beetroot. The raw material is grown and sourced from a specific area in Southern India and manufactured using a proprietary process to obtain a high potency extract.

A recent clinical study on TruBeet® has shown that chronic supplementation increases plasma nitrate & nitrite, in addition to improving muscle oxygenation, ratings of perceived exertion, exercise economy and endurance when compared to a placebo. With more clinical studies underway, the potential of this unique ingredient to support active endurance & performance is immense.

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Let’s understand the science !

  • Beetroot supplementation before and during prolonged moderate-intensity exercise can modulate plasma nitrate and nitrite dynamics and attenuated the progressive rise in VO2 over time and appeared to reduce muscle glycogen depletion and enhances exercise tolerance Read more
  • Supplementation with beetroot juice has been shown to diminish the muscular fatigue associated with high-intensity exercise. Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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