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Beetroot Juice Powder (RedNite®)

Beetroot Juice Powder (RedNite®) is a fresh beetroot concentrate powder, which is high in nitrates and clinically proven to improve exercise performance and endurance in athletes. It has 25 times more nitrate than beetroot.The advantages of Beetroot Juice Powder (RedNite®) include- it is easily water soluble, may increase exercise performance and tolerance, can boost stamina and endurance in athletes, potential to help maintain brain and cardiovascular health. With its dark red colour and pleasant mild sweet taste RedNite® is a valuable source of dietary nitrates compared to vegetables.It is also certified as vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher.

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Let’s understand the science !

  • Research demonstrated that betaine significantly reduced homocysteine levels by 12-20% in testing. Thus, betaine extracted from beetroot may be beneficial in lowering elevated homocysteine, a toxic and inflammatory compound in the blood. Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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Derived from fresh beetroot, beetroot juice powder (RedNite) which is high in nitrates is clinically proven to improve athletic performance and endurance. It has 25 times the amount of nitrate in beetroot. Beetroot powder with its dark red colour and sweet taste is a valuable source of nitrates in comparison to vegetables.

About Beetroot Juice Powder (RedNite)

For centuries the health benefits of beetroot have been lauded. Beetroot juice has been preferred for its stimulating properties. Rednite i.e.,beetroot juice powder is high in nitrates and has 25 times more nitrate than beetroot. Obtaining a standardised source of beetroot was the most challenging due to the nitrate variations in beetroots. The reason was the variety of seeds, climatic conditions and user-friendly practices. To derive the optimum benefits of nitrates in beetroot, it was critical to formulate mild-tasting, stable beetroot powder with standardised nitrates and antioxidants. This is how RedNite, the beetroot powder, evolved.

Many premium brands have worked for years to develop RedNite as per the standards set by Food Safety Authorities. The supplements with the benefit of RedNite have several health benefits to offer.

Beet Root Powder Benefits

The nutritional profile of beetroot is very impressive. Low in calories and high in essential vitamins and minerals, beetroots are the easiest way to obtain most of the vitamins and minerals required by your body for proper functioning. Beetroot can be easily incorporated into your diet in the form of salads, hummus, juice, etc. To make it simpler you can include supplements with beetroot juice powder (RedNite) into your diet. The beetroot powder benefits abound and some of them are

Controls Blood Pressure Levels

The risk of heart disease is associated with the variation in blood pressure levels. Research has shown that beetroot can lower high blood pressure levels. Beetroot powder can significantly lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. The effect, however, is stronger for systolic pressure i.e., when your heart contracts rather than diastolic pressure i.e., when your heart relaxes.

The high concentration of nitrates in this vegetable is responsible for the lowering effects. Your body converts dietary nitrates into nitric oxide which is a molecule that dilates blood vessels and enables the lowering of blood pressure levels.

Improves Athletic Performance

Beetroot powder has been proven to improve athletic performance. The nitrates in beetroot powder enhance the efficiency of mitochondria which produce energy in your cells. Studies have shown that beetroot powder benefits include improving cardiorespiratory performance, endurance, and enhancing athlete efficiency. The blood nitrate levels are known to rise within 2 to 3 hours of consumption of beetroot or beetroot powder. For maximum effect, it is recommended to consume beetroot powder a couple of hours before an intense training or athletic competition.

Helps Fight Inflammation

Betalains, the pigments present in beetroot powder, have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Certain health conditions like heart and liver disease, obesity, and cancer are linked to chronic inflammation. Studies have shown that consuming beetroot can considerably reduce several inflammation markers. Also, beetroot juice and beetroot juice powder have been shown to reduce kidney inflammation in animals.

Promotes Digestive Health

Beetroot is a good source of fibre. A cup of beetroot contains about 3.5 gms of fibre which is an impressive amount. Fibre benefits digestive health and reduces the risk of several serious health conditions.

Supports Cognitive Performance

The risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia increases as age advances. The reason is mental and cognitive abilities wane with age. Nitrates in beetroot powder promote blood vessel dilation which improves blood flow to the brain, especially, the frontal lobe of the brain which is associated with higher-level thinking such as decision-making and working memory.

Studies have also shown that people with type 2 diabetes who consumed beetroot juice performed better in cognitive function tests. More research is required, however, to prove the fact that beetroot reduces the risk of age-related issues like dementia.

May Help Fight Cancer

Beetroot powder contains cancer-fighting compounds such as betaine, ferulic acid, rutin, kaempferol, and caffeic acid. Although more research is needed, in-vitro studies have shown that beetroot extract inhibits the growth and division of cancer cells. Studies have shown that higher levels of betaine, the crystalline alkaloid, may be associated with lowering the risk of cancer development.

Promotes Skin Health

Beetroot juice is a miraculous detox drink which flushes out the toxins from your body and cleanses the blood. The result is a natural glow to your skin. The iron content in beetroot juice restores damaged cells. This gives an instant glow to your dull skin.

Antioxidants present in beetroot delay the onset of fine lines and prevent wrinkles. High concentrations of antioxidants and folates delay the appearance of wrinkles. The benefit of beetroot powder for skin can be derived either by topical application or by drinking beetroot juice.

Dosage of Beetroot Juice Powder

The consumption of beetroot juice powder has become important because of its high nitrate content. Nitrate manages blood flow and oxygenates your body. What is the right dosage of beetroot juice powder for optimum effect?

The ideal dosage to get the required levels of nitrate is 2 to 3 teaspoons of beetroot powder. However, the dosage required may be higher if specific targets have to be met.

Best Beetroot Juice Powder Products

The following are the products with the goodness of beetroot juice powder

  • Setu Sport: Pre-Workout Plant-Based Powder + Free Shaker
  • Setu Combo: Pre + Post-Workout + Free Shaker

Setu Sport: Pre-Workout Plant-Based Powder + Free Shaker

Setu Sport: Pre-workout Plant-based Powder is made from 100% plant-based ingredients. It contains powerful nitrates extracted from high-potency beetroots. The high-powered formula of this supplement enhances athletic performance and aids fast muscle recovery.

Features and Benefits of Setu Sport: Pre-workout Plant-based Powder

  • Made from patented plant-based ingredients with no caffeine, Setu Sport: Pre-workout Plant-based Powder is ideal for those who need to enhance workout performance.
  • This beetroot juice extract boosts energy, aids fat-burning, and keeps you energetic after a tedious workout.
  • You can improve your alertness and focus with this supplement without experiencing caffeine jitters.
  • It supports blood flow and keeps your body oxygenated and gets you through high-intensity workouts.
  • It is clinically proven this supplement enhances endurance in athletes.
  • Capsimax present in the supplement helps in the effective breakdown of stored fat.
  • The delicious mixed berry flavour of this drink is alluring.
  • Every purchase of the supplement provides you with an added perk of a free shaker which is a must-have for every fitness enthusiast.

Setu Combo: Pre + Post-Workout + Free Shaker

Setu Combo: Pre+Post-Workout powder is a vegan combination that enhances your performance during a workout routine. It has the combined goodness of beetroot juice extract, capsicum, BCAA, pea and brown rice protein, Ashwagandha, Gingever, Curcumin, Digezyme, and Vitamin C

Features and Benefits of Setu Combo Pre + Post-Workout

  • Setu Combo Pre + Post-Workout supplement boosts energy, performance, and fat-burning to amplify your workout experience.
  • It prevents muscle soreness induced by workouts.
  • This supplement is an easy-to-digest and easy-to-consume plant protein.
  • The herbal recovery blend of this sports supplement helps in improving athletic performance, and endurance, and also reduces the onset of muscle soreness.
  • With every purchase of the supplement, you will receive a free protein shaker, a mandatory gym accessory.


Can I have beetroot powder every day?

Consuming beetroot powder every day is considered safe as long as it is within the recommended dosage of 5 gms per day.

What precautions should be taken while using beetroot?

If you have any skin allergies or rashes you should avoid including beetroot in your diet as it will aggravate the issue.

Can beetroot face packs be applied daily?

Beetroot is rich in vitamins and other nutrients and so it is safe to apply face packs daily.

How long does it take beetroot powder to work?

There will be a spike in the nitrate levels 1 to 3 hours after consuming beetroot powder. So it is ideal to consume beetroot powder supplements 1 to 3 hours before a workout.

When should I consume beetroot?

Drinking beetroot juice early in the morning or 1 hour before breakfast is considered ideal.