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DigeZyme® is a unique, proprietary blend of five specific enzymes, viz. α-amylase (starch digestive enzyme), protease (protein digestive enzyme), lipase (Fat digestive enzyme), cellulose (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme). This provides optimal digestion of all the macromolecules. The individual enzymes are Non-GMO (not derived from genetically modified organisms), suitable for Vegans and gluten-free. In a recently published double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial efficacy of DigeZyme® in reducing pain associated with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) induced by standardized eccentric exercise was evaluated. Results suggested that that DigeZyme® was able to decrease the associated pain and tenderness induced by exercise.

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Multi Enzyme Complex amylase (starch hydrolyzing enzyme), protease (protein hydrolyzing enzyme), lipase (Fat hydrolyzing enzyme), cellulase (cellulose hydrolyzing enzyme), and lactase (lactose hydrolyzing enzyme)
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Sami Labs

Let’s understand the science !

  • DigeZyme® has been evaluated clinically for its effectiveness in decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness from high-intensity eccentric exercise. Read more

Let’s understand the science !

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