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Pea and brown rice protein

Pea and brown rice form source of complete plant based protein which provides all essential amino acids which the body cannot make. Combining brown rice (low in lysine) with pea (low in methionine) results in protein blends with a more ‘complete’ amino acid composition.

Rice protein in particular is that it's low in lysine, an amino acid important for human growth and bone health. On the other hand, pea protein is rich in lysine and a number of other aminos such as arginine and glutamic acid, both of which lend support during intense physical exertion and subsequent workout recovery. Equally important to the athlete, pea protein offers a wealth of the crucial branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine, and valine, which have been shown to contribute to muscle protein synthesis and support recovery from exercise.

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Peas & Brown rice
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Let’s understand the science !

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Let’s understand the science !

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