Home Remedies for Swelling Eyes

Not getting enough sleep? Or did allergies attack your eyes? Whatever may be the reason, no one wants to have puffy eyes. Eyes are the gateway to personality. You don’t want your interviewer to have the impression that you are loaded with stress and exhaustion. You don’t want your date to notice your puffy eyes. More than that, you don’t feel great yourself with these swollen eyes.

There are many beauty treatments to make your beautiful eyes restore their former glory. But if one can do that sitting at the leisure of their homes, then why would anyone want to resort to beauty treatments? Used for generations, these home remedies are perfect to reduce puffy eyes.

Cold Compress

Cold compress not only helps in reducing the swelling but also rejuvenates and refreshes your eyes. You may buy a cold compress at a store or make your very own cold compress at home. You may use a wet cloth wrapped with ice, frozen vegetables, chilled teaspoons, or cucumber slices. By constricting blood vessels, cold-compress reduces inflammation and makes your eyes look fresh and beautiful .

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Sliced Cucumbers

Cucumber slices are rich in antioxidants and reduce irritation that comes together with puffy eyes. Chilled cucumber slices are cherry on the cake as they tighten your skin while also reducing the swelling under your eyes .

Chilled Tea Bags

Do you throw away the tea bags after sipping your tea? Not anymore! Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, tea bags can boost the flow of blood vessels in the eyes. This is one of the most effective home remedies for puffy eyes .

Stay Hydrated

Water is the key solution to most of our health problems. Water flushes out the extra fluids that lead to swelling under the eyes. Reduce the puffiness in your eyes with the most conveniently available resource and keep yourself hydrated .

Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Puffy eyes are typically caused due to a lack of sleep. Usually, 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended for an adult. Your body needs sleep to relax and so do your eyes. While juggling office and home, it might get difficult to take time to sleep. But figure out a way and make a sleep schedule. Sleeping enough is extremely important.

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Stay elevated while sleeping

Puffy eyes are usually caused due to excess retention of fluids. Fight against fluid retention by using gravity to your aid. Elevate your eyes while sleeping by using extra pillows and bid goodbye to puffy eyes .

Egg White Mask

Egg Whites can significantly boost circulation and reduce inflammation. It tightens the skin and tones the muscles of the eyes. Easily available at home, egg whites have been used for generations to treat puffiness in the eyes .

Turmeric Mask

Your spice-box contains the remedy to your puffy eyes. Turmeric is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine used for reducing inflammation in the body. It can be used for the eyes as well. Make a Turmeric Mask with some milk and apply it to your swollen eyelids .

Argan, Chamomile, and Lavender Oils

Essential Oils are the wonders that can add glow to your skin and make it look young and fresh. The anti-inflammatory properties of Argan, Chamomile, and Lavender oils can reduce the swelling in your eyes while soothing your skin .

Check the treasure of your own house and find these effective remedies for your puffy eyes. They are not chemicals but simple natural resources that can create magic around your eyes and reduce the swelling efficiently. Stress, exhaustion, and lack of sleep are the main causes of puffiness around the eyes. Involve Yoga and Meditation to breathe out stress and welcome more sleep in your life to bid goodbye to puffy eyes.

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