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List of Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

It’s Friday night. You and your colleagues decide to unwind at a nearby pub and kick-start the weekend cheer. You bump into an old friend and exchange pleasantries with her.

It’s Friday night. You and your colleagues decide to unwind at a nearby pub and kick-start the weekend cheer. You bump into an old friend and exchange pleasantries with her. A closer look at her and you’re in awe of her transformation. Her skin glows, hair shines, she looks healthier and cheerful and has left behind a neat amount of baggage (read: weight). She’s got your attention and you can’t help but ask her the secret of it all. ‘A good diet’ she responds.

Generally, it is presumed that a good diet consists of eating less and resisting every craving. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong. A good diet simply means avoiding food that cause inflammation, disturbs your digestion, and is difficult for your gut to process. When you eliminate inflammatory foods that cause digestive disorders, your tummy is happier and that, in turn, affects your weight, skin, hair, breath, and all your bodily functions. (Perhaps your old friend wasn’t making it up).

If you’re looking at beginning the ‘good diet’ regime, here is a list of inflammatory foods that you must first consider avoiding:


Oh, sweet memories!

Who thought that what satiates your taste buds after a meal can be such a culprit! Sugar in desserts, candies, donuts can promote inflammation through messengers called cytokines. Sugar present in aerated drinks and sodas also increases the level of uric acid, which causes chronic inflammation in the body.

What to avoid: Canned juices, soda, candy bars, pastries, donuts.



Your body needs a perfect balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetable oils like soy, corn, sunflower have high levels of the inflammatory fat – Omega-6 and low levels of anti-inflammatory foods and fat– Omega-3. This can increase the chances of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc.

What to avoid: Salad dressings, mayonnaise, potato chips, barbecue sauce, crackers.


Bacon is not your real bae

Grain-fed animals like chicken, pigs, and cattle end up becoming sick because of antibiotics and drugs they receive, which makes them sick and unhealthy. When we eat their meat, their sickness gets passed to us. Additionally, when red meat is grilled, it falls under the inflammation diet that creates inflammatory carcinogens. Hence, meat is hardly a delight for the gut. It causes indigestion and helps you gain weight

What to avoid: Beef, pork, bacon, chicken, mutton, hot dogs, sausages,


Wait up, don’t stop reading yet!

Oh, you’re not going to like what you’re about to read. But, fast foods and processed foods are indeed the fastest foods to cause upheaval to your gut and are the most important inflammatory foods to avoid. When you order that pizza, what you’re also ordering alongside is a big fat plate of phthalates, an endocrine-disrupting chemical toxin. What does it do? It increases inflammation in your body and affects your metabolism. And thereon begin problems like bloating, constipation, gas, etc.

What to avoid: Pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, candy, chips, etc.


A shot of reality, please

Various studies have found that people who consume higher levels of alcohol tend to have a higher level of CRP, which is a result of high levels of inflammation. Additionally, it is also found that excessive alcohol consumption causes the bacteria to move out of the colon and into the body. This condition is commonly referred to – ‘leaky gut’, which can lead to organ damage.

What to avoid: Overconsumption of all types of liquor

Now that you’ve met the villain of the plot, it is time to meet the hero too. We know these foods are the bad guys. Now, who do we fight them? The answer is simple – With a heroic immune system. And, how can that be achieved? Probiotics!

A good diet requires beneficial microorganisms that protect you from various infections and dysfunctions. Probiotics are essential anti-inflammatory foods that help you build a strong immune system, give an impetus to your gut functions and overall aides in making you healthier. By supplementing Setu’s probiotics with your diet, what you’re essentially doing is – letting your gut to function at its maximum and protect you from digestive disorders. Make probiotics an integral part of your lifestyle and watch your gut transform the way it functions. When you choose Setu’s probiotics, you also choose a healthier lifestyle.

So, let your gut be the hero that protects you from every villain!

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