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Why personalized supplementation makes sense

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

I wish I could claim I came up with that, but it’s actually Dr. Seuss. And he would know best—he was a doctor after all.

At Setu, we abide by that statement, and our aspiration has always been to deliver the specific high-quality supplements that each of our customers need. To help us further this goal, about a year or so ago we built and put up a customer quiz on our website. Some of you may have been a little surprised or taken aback: A quiz? All I want is some turmeric gummies! Let me explain.

The idea was this: each person has a unique set of characteristics that define them. These characteristics range from demographic basics, like gender, age, and location, but also go deeper into lifestyle choices, values and health goals.

Our quiz was long and had several layers to help us address all of these different characteristics.

We designed it to get to know you better by understanding your background, your goals, and ultimately, what makes you tick. By asking questions that may seem a little probing or pointed (all your data is secure, and will never be shared—you have my word), we can build a holistic profile based on actual data that we then use to identify all the clinically-researched ingredients that can help you achieve your goals.

Ultimately, every question you answer leads to refined personalized recommendations that ensure you get EXACTLY what you need. No less, but also no more either! Many brands try to sell you supplements that neither you nor your body need using scare tactics, and without using adequate information about your goals. With Setu, you can rest assured that all our suggested supplements are tailor-made for you and no one else.

All our recommendations are calculated using our proprietary, clinical science-based algorithm created by our experienced team of nutritionists and biochemists. The model has been iterated and refined to accuracy over months using custom mathematical models.

Picture this–20 questions about you give us information about the states of 45 different facets of your health. Permutations and combinations of these health states number in the billions but only ONE applies to YOU and you alone. It is uniquely yours. Once your needs are identified, formulas are recommended based on what we know from randomized, double blind, placebo controlled AND peer-reviewed studies.

Best of all? IT’S FREE.

There’s no downside–at most, 5 minutes of your time. Give it a try here today!


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