The secret ingredient to help you survive Netflix binging

The secret ingredient to help you survive Netflix binging

On any other Sunday

I often find myself curling up on my favourite armchair, sipping on a glass of wine; binging on some movies on weekends. I am distracted by the advertisements and am compelled to slip out of my comfort zone. My hands unconsciously make its way to my phone. I quickly survey all the social media handles, and get back to my telly! But wait! The commercials are still reeling! I get up to complete another incomplete task, till I finally hear the movie playing, and finish watching the same. I keep getting up to fetch something to nibble on. Stop by the window perhaps, to get some air. By the end of it, I have downed two glasses of wine complete with bowl of popcorn, and other healthy foods. I crawl into bed, and within minutes of me hitting the hay, my eyes are drooping, and I am off to sleep.

Fixed on Netflix

But things are a little different now. The magic of NETFLIX has made its presence felt making my quiet weekends more ‘meaningful’. I now find myself seamlessly sitting for hours on my armchair savouring every movie and sitcom without commercials. This experience is satiating. However, my eyes feel heavy. Yet there isn’t a trace of sleep. The ‘tried and tested’ methods of putting myself to sleep are applied. But all in vain! I have gotto sleep! It’s a Monday morning and I have that important presentation to make. It’s already an hour past since I have been trying to fall asleep! I give up! I switch of the lights and lay and within minutes I have passed out!

The effects

The Effects I wake up feeling, like an avalanche has hit me. And my eyes are swollen, itchy and dry! I wait for my vision to restore, but that is far from happening. I wake myself by consuming half the required amount of breakfast, wash it down with a tall Americano, making my way to work!

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Spiralling down

My colleagues are concerned about my appearance today. The presentation is delivered with my eyes incessantly watering. They sign me up for an appointment with the optometrist. I quietly wait my turn at the clinic. I find myself spiralling downward thinking of all the vision related genetic disorders, affecting my very bright future! My mind took me to the extent of an eye cancer. My thoughts are distracted by the secretary’s cry, and I am asked to go in.

The Truth

I narrate my concerns to the doctor. He went onward to ask me a few questions. For instance, ‘How long did I watch the telly?’ and ‘How much time I spend on the computer?’ I spend an average of 10 hours in front of the screen. This includes everything from the office desk to the phone and everything in between.

The Science

He simply explained, that however advanced is our technology is today; there is a very high exposure to blue-light radiating from screens. This affects us both physiologically and psychologically. It’s called the computer vision syndrome. When our eyes are staring at the screen for long hours, our pupil tends to dilate, leaving little scope for us to blink our eyes. Blinking restores dryness, and hydrates our eyes. Prolong exposure to blue light cheats our mind to believe that it is yet day, and there’s still time before we can sleep. This leaves us feeling listless and tired, with of a blur vision, owing to dehydration. Yes indeed our junk diet and erratic lifestyle is also to blame.

Doctor’s advice

  • Discounting on screen presence at least and hour before calling it a day is beneficial!
  • Perhaps one must consider consuming the comprehensive vision complex named EyeMax, which is skilfully concocted combining powerful carotenoids namely Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These two components are crucial as they build a natural protective shield from the UV rays, and the blue light that is emanates from computer screens, and other smart devices, including the television and computers. EyeMax also comprises of bilberry extracts that is used to enhance night vision, and N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) a component that rehydrated dry and itchy eyes. Considering the fact that most of us spend countless hours in front of the screen, regular intake of EyeMax helps us keep with our fast passed screen inclined lifestyle, without damaging vision.

Last but not the least, we are caught in a technological rigmarole and cannot snap out of this, as this is deemed as a way of life that is here to stay. But we can fix a few things and live healthier lives.