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Is your bone health getting from bad to worse? Does a simple fall crack your bones? It is a matter of concern as it could lead to severe bone issues if not addressed in the initial stages. Setu Bone Health Supplements contain the essential vitamins and minerals required for robust bone health. Incorporating this bones and joints supplement can support your bone health to a large extent.

Features and benefits of Setu Bone Health Supplements

  • Setu Bone Health Supplements collection gives you the choice of supplements with the goodness of curcumin and MCT oil and supplements with a combination of Veg Vitamin D3 and K2.
  • The plant-based ingredients in the best bones and joints supplement to promote bone health.
  • Scientifically backed formulation and clinical verification make Setu Bone Health Supplements safe to use without any side effects.
  • The patented ingredients in Setu Bone Health Supplements have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and so boost skin health from within while promoting bone health as well.
  • Setu Bone Health Supplements are bioavailable and instantly enter the bloodstream to provide maximum benefit.

Best supplements for bone health from Setu

Weak bones can be a great concern as they tend to snap very easily. Depleted levels of calcium, especially in women, can lead to serious issues like osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Vitamin D3 found in Setu Bone Health Supplements help in the efficient absorption of calcium for the upkeep of bone health. Here are some of the best bones and joints supplement from Setu.

#1. Setu Turme Rich: Curcuwin

Is your joint pain unbearable? Are you unable to handle the health issues caused by the weakening of bones? Not to worry — Setu Turme rich: Curcuwin will provide you with respite from all your bone and joint-related issues if consumed consistently.

Features and benefits of Setu Turme Rich:- Curcuwin

  • This best bones and joints supplement contains the goodness of Curcumin — the turmeric extract and MCT Oil.
  • Setu Turme Rich:- Curcuwin is a revolutionary formula with Curcuwin which is 46 times more potent than the regular haldi combined with MCT Oil for better absorption.
  • Made from patented ingredients that are plant-based and clinically verified, Setu Turme Rich: Curcuwin is safe to use with no side effects.
  • Curcumin's anti-oxidant properties help promote skin health from within and reduce the signs of ageing.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin available in this bones and joints supplement help in arresting bone-related issues.

How to consume Setu Turme Rich: Curcuwin?

One capsule a day is the recommended dosage for adults. Each capsule contains 250 mg of Curcumin and 250 mg of MCT oil.

When to consume Setu Turme Rich: Curcuwin?

One capsule a day after your heaviest meal is suggested for optimum benefit. Consistent usage can relieve you of bone and joint issues to a great extent.

#2. Setu Daily: Veg.D3 + K2 strips

Are you easily susceptible to fractures? This could be due to depleted levels of calcium which weakens the bones. Vitamin D3 is essential for improved absorption of calcium. Deficiency in Vitamin D3 can cause serious bone issues. Since deriving Vitamin D3 solely from food sources is challenging, including Setu Daily: Veg D3 + K2 strips in your diet will be of great help to enhance Vitamin D3 levels to keep your bones strong.

Features and benefits of Setu Daily: Veg.D3 + K2

  • Setu Daily: Veg D3 + K2 strips are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and clinically verified.
  • Like all other Setu products, Setu Daily: Veg D3 + K2 strips do not have any added sugars, so they do not add up to your daily calories.
  • Vitamin D3 and K2 are available in the best bones and joints supplement to enhance the absorption of calcium into your bones to maintain bone health.
  • It improves the immune system to keep infections and frequent sickness under control.
  • Setu Daily: Veg D3 + K2 strips are easy to consume and most preferred by persons who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.

How to consume Setu Daily: Veg.D3 + K2 strips?

These strips are very easy to consume. Place a strip on your tongue and enjoy the raspberry flavour as the strip dissolves within seconds.

When to consume Setu Daily: Veg.D3 +K2 strips?

The recommended dosage is one strip daily after a meal.

Best Ingredients for bone health

Maintaining the recommended dietary allowance of calcium for bone health is very crucial. How to ensure efficient absorption of calcium into the bone? The ingredients mentioned below that are found in Setu Bone Health supplements play a crucial role in enhancing calcium absorption into your bones.

  • Curcumin (Turmeric Extract)

  • The highly bioavailable curcumin (turmeric extract) is known to enhance recovery and circulation for persons with active lifestyles and sports nutrition enthusiasts.

    Clinical studies conducted on curcumin have shown that the absorption level of curcumin is 46 times more than that of regular curcumin. It is a patented nutrient for sports nutrition. Studies have also shown that it supports muscle recovery, cardiovascular health and endothelial function and minimises post-exercise soreness.

  • Vitamin D3

  • Vitamin D3, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is produced by the body when UV rays come in contact with the skin. If you apply sunscreen lotions when you set out, this process will be hampered, resulting in Vitamin D deficiency unless your diet includes Vitamin D-rich food or supplements.

    The symptoms of Vitamin D3 deficiency are fatigue, muscle weakness, and depression. If not addressed in the initial stages, this deficiency could lead to rickets in children and osteoporosis in adults.

    Vitamin D3 can be sourced mainly from animal fats and to some extent from eggs, lichens, and mushrooms. Vegans and vegetarians find it challenging to source Vitamin D3 from food alone, so supplements become essential.

    Vitamin D3 is required to enhance the absorption of calcium which is required for healthy bones, and phosphates, which are required for healthy bones, teeth, muscles, nerves, and basic bodily functions. The health benefits of Vitamin D3 include strengthening bones and muscles, boosting immunity, improving mood, reducing inflammation and improving heart function.

  • Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone)

  • Vitamin K comprises Vitamin K1 and Vitamin K2. Vitamin K1 can be sourced from plant foods, whereas Vitamin K2 is available in animal and fermented foods. Vegetarians and vegans cannot get Vitamin K2 solely through a daily diet. So they need to add Vitamin K2 supplements to their diet to enhance their levels.

    Calcium is highly essential for bone health, and Vitamin K2 activates a protein that helps calcium to bind to your bones when the breakdown of calcium happens in your body. Vitamin K2 plays a crucial role in improving bone density and reducing the risk of bone fractures. It also helps in the clotting of blood and preventing any build-up in your arteries.


    What makes bone health so important?

    Strong bones support mobility so that we can move around with ease. Bones are required to protect our brain, heart and other organs from damage. Bones are the storehouses for calcium and phosphate and release them into the body whenever the body requires them to perform various functions.

    Do bone supplements work?

    The vitamins crucial for bone health are Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2. These vitamins are abundant in animal foods that vegetarians and vegans cannot consume. So the only source of these vitamins for them is plant-based bone supplements. These supplements are safe to use and provide the required daily allowance of these vitamins to strengthen the bones.

    Can bone density be improved after a certain age?

    By including foods rich in the required nutrients for bone health, bone density can be improved at any age. Adding the required health supplements into your diet and combining a good diet with exercise will help significantly in improving bone density.

    What is the ideal time to take bone health supplements?

    Consuming Setu Turme Rich: Boost is recommended after your heaviest meal, and Setu Daily: Veg.D3 + K2 should be taken after a meal (any meal).

    What is the required daily allowance of Vitamin D?

    The required daily allowance of Vitamin D is 600 international units.