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  • 5 Reasons Why This Viral Skin Combo is Great for Pigmentation & Cellulite


1. Reduces Wrinkles

Glutathione, a powerful master antioxidant, combats free radicals that cause skin aging. When combined with Marine Collagen, it restores skin elasticity and firmness! That’s why this dynamic duo makes you look 10 years younger.

2. Boosts Hydration

Marine Collagen enhances skin hydration and moisture retention! By replenishing your body's collagen, it restores your skin's barrier function, preventing moisture loss. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a radiant, luminous complexion.

3. 93% Enjoyed Glowing, Firm Skin

Marine Collagen repairs and strengthens collagen fibers, effectively improving skin texture, radiance, and elasticity. 94% of Setu’s Skin Combo users enjoyed glowing skin, 93% saw improved skin firmness, 89% had a reduction in wrinkles, and 91% said their skin looked brighter!

4. Reduces Cellulite Appearance

Cellulite is not just caused by being overweight, but also by damaged collagen bands. Marine Collagen stimulates dermal metabolism, repairs collagen damage, and reduces cellulite appearance by promoting firm, less dimpled skin. Together with Glutathione, your skin becomes visibly smooth and firm from within.

5. Fights Hyperpigmentation

Glutathione is scientifically-proven to curb excess melanin production, reducing hyperpigmentation, UV spots, and UV damage. It enhances your skin’s radiance and natural glow, brightening dull, aging skin.