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Free Shipping | 10-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Sleep Your Way To A Slimmer You.

Achieve your weight loss goals while getting your best sleep yet with our powerful sleeping strips and weight management supplement

Free Shipping | 10-Day Money Back Guarantee

53,000+ users experienced deeper sleep while burning fat!

  • Enhances Your Sleep Quality

  • Turbocharges Your Fat Burn

  • Loose Weight As You Sleep

  • Fast Acting Formula

  • Non-Habit


  • 2+ Years Of Clinical Studies

  • Clean Ingredients

    0% Side Effects

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Lean: Lite AM Fat Burner

Boost Metabolism | Burn Fat | Curb Appetite

What is it ?

A multifaceted weight management solution powered by potent natural actives, known to support 2.5x FAT LOSS within 3 months.

How does it help ?

Each tablet contains Garcinia Cambogia and Capsimax™, scientifically proven to increase your metabolic rate, reduce appetite and stimulate fat breakdown

How to take it?

You can take 1 or 2 capsules daily for 4 weeks to notice results. Please keep in mind results are not instant and might take some time to show.

Sleep: Restore PM Sleep Aid

Sleep Faster | Sleep Deeper | Ease Jet-lag

What is it ?

A high-absorption, non-habit forming strips, powered by 5mg Melatonin for your deepest and most restful sleep yet.

How does it help ?

Good Sleep is essential for weight loss. Each orally dissolving strips supports your sleep-wake cycle and calms irregular sleep patterns, so you can wake up refresh and energized.

How to take it?

For adults: Take 1 orally-dissolving strip 30-60 minutes before you go to bed. Please keep in mind results are not instant and might take some time to show.

Tap into Your Body and Mind's Unlimited Potential

Boost Your Metabolic Rate.

Suppress Your Appetite.

Break Down Fat, Rapidly.

Accelerate 2.5x Weight Loss in 3 months

Experience a Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep

Free Shipping | 10-Day Money Back Guarantee

“ I had the Lean Lite and then i had to buy this

bundle and try the sleep solution as well,

i feel rejuvenated and my energy has increased ”

Aashvi - Delhi, India

“ I’ve been struggling with loosing weight for

3 years now, i tried this shred stack bundle

and wow i lost 1kg in the first 2 weeks ”

Shyla - Kanpur, India

“ I needed something to help me fall asleep easier

since i struggle with insomnia for the past 5 years..

So far these sleeping strips are doing wonders! ”

Sarika - Indore, India

“ I have to say i was skeptical but this has proven

to work great on my body and mind, i can now

sleep better and it seems i shed 5kg in 3 months ”

Sarika - Indore, India

The Road Map To

Better Sleep & A Slimmer You.

Sleep improves by +96%

Triggering Sleep

Get ready for a deeper,
better sleep
that leaves
your body recharged.

Tissue Recovers by +82%

Stimulates Growth

& Faster Healing

Promoting cell regeneration
to accelerate tissue

Relieves Stress by +91%

Reduces Stress


Bye Stress and hello to
an uninterrupted,
higher quality sleep.

Fat decreased by +79%

Boosting Fat Burn

Bye Stress and hello to
an uninterrupted,
higher quality sleep.