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Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the sleep-and-wake cycle in your brain. It works by quite literally telling your body when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Unlike a sleeping pill, Melatonin is non-habit forming and gently nudges your body into a state of relaxation. It also restores your body’s internal clock while fighting sleep disorders, jet lag, and overall fatigue.

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Tart cherries, asparagus, tomatoes, pomegranate, olives, grapes
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Let’s understand the science !

  • A study on 20 healthy male subjects found that low doses of melatonin (0.1–10 mg, orally) decreased sleep onset latency (time required to fall asleep), increased sleep duration and generated sleepiness and fatigue.Read more
  • A meta-analysis of studies that assessed the effect of melatonin supplementation found that it was remarkably effective in preventing jet-lag and should be taken by people traveling through two or more time zones, especially eastwards.Read more
  • In a study on 100 patients with AMD, melatonin supplementation was found to maintain visual acuity and the majority had reduced pathologic macular changes. Read more
  • In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 30 patients with tinnitus, melatonin supplementation was found to be an effective therapeutic agent that helps treat tinnitus and also helps patients sleep better. Read more

Let’s understand the science !

Here are all the Setu products with Melatonin

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Want respite from your sleep issues? Intend to bring your sleep-wake-cycle to normalcy. Here is a set of Setu Melatonin Supplements to choose from which will provide a solution for your sleep issues.

Features and benefits of Setu Melatonin Supplements

  • Setu Melatonin Supplements are available in the form of mints, gummies, and strips that are easy to consume.
  • These melatonin supplements are scientifically formulated, clinically tested, and made of natural ingredients.
  • Setu Melatonin Supplements are available in delicious flavours.
  • Melatonin supplement helps you to fall asleep easily, get rid of daytime grogginess, and also overcome jet lags.
  • These melatonin supplements are bioavailable and are non-habit forming.

Best Setu Melatonin Supplements

Do you need a solution for your sleepless nights? Are you dealing with jet lag and daytime grogginess? Setu Melatonin Supplement is the answer to all your issues. The melatonin supplements under the setu melatonin supplement categories are given below.

#1. Setu Sleep: Restore Strips 

Is lack of sleep affecting your daily activities? Try Sleep: Restore Strips-Melatonin 5mg and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep.

Features and benefits of Setu Sleep: Restore Strips

  • This melatonin supplement is available in the form of self-dissolving strips which is easy to consume and an advantage for individuals who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.
  • Setu Sleep: Restore Strips are non-habit forming and will regulate the sleep-wake-cycle.
  • The melatonin supplement is devoid of artificial colour or additives. It is clinically verified and safe to consume.
  • Setu Sleep: Restore Strips are a perfect solution for daytime sleepiness and to calm and relax your mind.
  • You will love the mint taste of the strips when placed on your tongue.

How to consume Setu Sleep: Restore Strips?

Setu Sleep: Restore Strips are very easy to consume. All you have to do is place a strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

When to consume Setu Sleep: Restore Strips?

Each Setu Sleep: Restore Strip contains 5 mg of Melatonin. Consume the strips 30 to 40 minutes before bedtime for best results.

#2. Setu Sleep: Restore Magic Mints

Is sleeplessness taking a toll on your concentration and focus? Get undisturbed sleep with Setu Sleep: Restore Magic Mints.

Features and benefits of Setu Sleep: Restore Magic MInts

  • Setu Sleep: Restore Magic Mints are made from patented ingredients and GMP-certified. They are safe to use without any side effects.
  • These melatonin tablets are fast-acting and regulate the sleep cycle.
  • Jatamansi present in this melatonin supplement promotes calmness and relaxation.
  • The advantage of this melatonin supplement is that it is non-habit forming. You can stop the supplement as soon as the sleep cycle is restored.
  • Setu Sleep: Restore Magic Mints have a delicious mint flavour.

How to consume Setu Sleep: Restore Magic Mints?

These magic mints are easy to consume. You need not look for water to swallow these melatonin tablets. You have to just place a tablet on your tongue and allow it to dissolve and relish the mint flavour.

When to consume Setu Sleep: Restore Magic MInts?

Consume the magic mints 30 minutes before bedtime.

#3. Setu Sleep: Relax Mints

Are you sceptical about getting habituated to sleep supplements? Not to worry. If you are suffering from sleep issues you can try Setu Sleep: Relax Mints, a melatonin supplement that is non-habit forming. You can stop the supplement once your sleep issue is resolved.

Features and benefits of Setu Sleep: Relax Mints

  • Setu Sleep: Relax Mints relieves insomnia and relaxes your mind. 
  • These melatonin tablets are GMP certified, fast-acting, and easy to consume.
  • You can have an undisturbed sleep with this melatonin supplement.
  • Setu Sleep: Relax Mints with a combination of an amino acid and vitamin help in synthesising serotonin-a sleep-inducing agent.
  • Setu Sleep: Relax Mints are sugar-free and so do not affect your overall health.

How to consume Setu Sleep: Relax Mints?

Place a tablet on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

When to consume Setu Sleep: Relax Mints?

Take one tablet a day just 30 minutes before bedtime and enjoy a sound sleep.

#4. Setu Sleep: Relax Gummies

Features and benefits of Setu Sleep: Relax Gummies

  • Setu Sleep: Relax Gummies are fortified with powerful sleep-inducing ingredients like melatonin, L-theanine, chamomile, and passion flower.
  • These melatonin 3 mg gummies aid in falling asleep naturally and promote relaxation.
  • They regulate your sleep cycle.
  • These melatonin 3 mg tablets help you stay focussed and alert during the daytime by providing you with an undisturbed 8 hours of sleep.
  • You will love the strawberry flavour of these melatonin 3 mg tablets.

How to consume Setu Sleep: Relax Gummies?

Chew one melatonin 3 mg gummy daily to normalise your sleep pattern.

When to consume Setu Sleep: Relax Gummies?

Take one gummy a day 30 minutes before bedtime.

Best ingredients in Setu Sleep Supplements

Setu Sleep Supplements are fortified with the following sleep-inducing ingredients.


Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleeping pattern. It mainly instructs your brain as to when to go to sleep and when to stay awake. Unlike sleeping pills, you do not get habituated to melatonin supplements. The melatonin gently pushes you into a state of relaxation and puts you to sleep. It also helps in regulating your body clock and prevents jet lag, sleep disorders, and general fatigue. Melatonin improves the circadian rhythm and sleep quality in patients suffering from insomnia.


The primary amino acid, L-theanine, found only in green tea, has positive effects on brain metabolism. It works by boosting levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which can enhance learning and memory. It also stimulates alpha brain wave activity, which can help with relaxation, focus, and deep REM sleep.

Chamomile Extract

The herb chamomile, also known as German chamomile, or Matricaria recutita, is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is now also grown in North America. As a result of its calming and carminative qualities, it is most frequently consumed as a herbal tea. For thousands of years, chamomile has been used in traditional medicine to reduce anxiety. Chamomile can greatly impact the sleep quality and sleep cycle among the elderly.

Passionflower extract

Passionflower, also known as Passiflora incarnata, is a creeper with white and purple flowers. It is grown in Central and South America. Passionflower comprises chemicals that have a calming effect which is why it can be used to treat anxiety and sleeplessness. It also helps in resolving heart rhythm issues, symptoms of menopause and ADHD. 

Jatamansi Extract

Jatamansi, a tiny herb, grows on the steep, rocky, and moist slopes of India, Nepal, China, and Bhutan. From ancient times Jatamansi was used to treat several illnesses like the ones affecting the nervous system, urinary system, reproductive system, respiratory system, and skin. Also, it serves as a neuroprotective agent in the management of insomnia.

Magnesium oxide

The fourth most commonly found mineral in our body is magnesium. More than 50% of the magnesium derived from our diet is stored in our bones. The rest will be distributed among the various tissues in our body. Over 300 enzyme reactions depend on magnesium. Besides, this magnesium helps in the development of proteins and strong bones, regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure levels, muscle and nerve activity, and supports the immune system. It plays an important role in cognitive performance and mood enhancement, as well as an electrical conductor that contracts muscles and keeps the heart beating steadily.


L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in a variety of plant and animal proteins. Since the body is not able to produce the amino acid, it has to be either derived from the diet or supplements. Many bodily functions depend on this amino acid. L-tryptophan can be transformed into several molecules and serotonin and melatonin are among them. The communication between nerve cells happens through serotonin which results in the constriction of blood vessels. Cognition, mood and sleep are all dependent on the serotonin levels in the brain. Melatonin is mainly responsible for the sleep-wake cycle.

Vitamin B6

Your body requires vitamin B6, also referred to as pyridoxine, for a number of processes. Vitamin B6 cannot be produced by the body. Therefore,  you must consume foods or supplements to get it. It is necessary for the proper functioning of sugars, fats, and proteins in the body and is involved in more than 100 enzyme reactions. Additionally, it is necessary for the healthy growth and development of the immune system, skin, nerves, and  brain.


Who requires Setu Melatonin Supplements?

Persons who are undergoing a lot of stress, working in night shifts, or are exposed constantly to digital light suffer from sleeplessness. Their sleep pattern will be disturbed and it will impact their day-to-day activities. These persons require Setu Sleep Supplements to bring back their sleep cycle to normalcy.

How do Setu Melatonin Supplements help?

You can get respite from Setu Sleep Supplements if you are having jet lag, daytime grogginess, undefined fatigue,etc. It reacts fast and helps you to fall asleep naturally to wake up fresh and active in the morning.

Are Setu Melatonin Supplements safe to use?

Setu Sleep Supplements are GMP-certified, clinically verified, and made from natural ingredients. They are free of any kind of chemicals and are safe to use.

Is there any way of improving sleep naturally?

Yes. You can improve your sleep quality by inculcating some healthy habits like having a light dinner, indulging in relaxing techniques like meditation, listening to soft music, etc before going to sleep, keeping your sleep area dark, and having a regulated sleep and wake-up time.

Are Setu Melatonin Supplements available in stores?

The best way to buy Setu Melatonin Supplements is to order the product on the Setu website i.e., and get the advantage of the product being delivered to your doorstep.