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Meet Our Clinical Nutritionists

Elizabeth Bangera
M.Sc, Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Specialisation: Skin & Hair and General Wellness

Languages: Hindi, English

Consultations Done: 5000+

Harshada Bakalkar
M.Sc, Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Specialisation: Weight Management & Lifestyle Nutrition

Languages: English,Hindi, Marathi

Consultations Done: 5000+

Harshalee Parkar
M.Sc, Nutraceuticals, PG Diploma in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

Specialisation: Skin & Hair and General Wellness

Languages: Hindi, English, Marathi

Consultations Done: 1000+

Maliha Maqbool
M.Sc in Food Science & Nutrition

Specialisation: Immunity, Sleep & Holistic Health

Languages: Hindi, English, Marathi

Consultations Done: 1000+

How Does It Work?

Step #1
Book a free consultation on our website.

Step #2
You’ll receive a call from our Clinical Nutritionist.

Step #3
We’ll spend time understanding your health history and goals.

Step #4
You’ll get personalized guidance to improve your unique health and wellbeing.

Why Consult Our Nutritionists?

  • Unlock healthy aging secrets.
  • Improve gut and weight management.
  • Enhance your skin’s glow from within.
  • Receive customized tips for holistic wellbeing.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

I got very comprehensive feedback about my lifestyle and the nutritionist made useful suggestions for my weight. I am following her diet plan.

Rajpreet Goswami

Based on consultatn I ordered only products which wr needed for skin..nutritionist did not ask me to buy unnecessry products.. she even suggsted gud lifestyle chnge.

Jahnavi Chandavarkar

Excellent consultation. The nutritionist listened to all my concerns. Since i have diabetes, her reccos and diet plan was very specific to my health.

Deepika Bose

It has been a good 6 months with personalized health guidance from elizabeth my nutritionist.. Satisfied with the results.

Shyamnad Patanwala

Extremely impressed!! I was going to order wrong product.. nutritionist helped identify right supplements for me.

Jaishree Deewan

I had 2 consultations and my health has improved within 3 months. I have more energy, eczema has reduced, and hair loss has stopped.

Moinuddin Ali


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Nutritionist Consultations


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How do I decide which supplements are best for me?

Consult with a healthcare provider to understand which supplements are best for your specific health needs and dietary patterns.

How do I redeem my referral code?

Enter your referral code at checkout to receive the benefits associated with it. It could be a discount or bonus points, depending on the ongoing offer.

Do you ship to my location?

We ship to various locations. Please check our shipping policy page to see if your location is included in our delivery areas.

Is it safe to consume multiple Setu supplements?

While each of our supplements is designed to be safe, we recommend consulting with a healthcare provider before combining multiple supplements.

Does Setu sell vegetarian or vegan products?

Yes, we offer a range of vegetarian and vegan products. Check the labels on our products for the specific dietary information.

How do I know if Setu supplements are safe for me?

Our supplements are tested for safety and efficacy. However, for personal health concerns, it's best to consult a healthcare provider.

For how long should I take Setu supplements?

The duration of supplement intake can vary based on individual health needs. Please follow the advice of a healthcare provider or the recommended usage on the product label.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it's close to the time of your next dose, skip the missed dose. Do not double up on doses.

Are Setu products available at any store?

Setu products are available at select retailers. Please visit our store locator on the website to find a store near you.

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