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Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo
Hair Hero Combo

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Hair Hero Combo

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Backed by Science Guaranteed! 79% of users agreed that our Hair Hero Combo boosted hair growth!

This dream hair duo is the secret to combatting hair fall! Powered by high-quality antioxidants, plant-based Biotin and Marine Collagen, it promotes hair and follicle growth, prevents hair fall, strengthens scalp health, and supports lustrous, shiny hair

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Popular known as agasti in Hindi, sesbania grandiflora is an herb that has its origins in Australia and South East Asia. It is widely used in Ayurveda for its medicinal benefits and is a natural source of biotin, which improves hair and nail growth.

Setu DHT Blocking Blend™ contains Pumpkin Seed Oil and β-Sitosterol, both these active ingredients strengthen hair follicles, manage hair fall, and block DHT to prevent hair loss.

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a naturally occurring by-product of the androgen, testosterone. DHT can harm and shrink hair follicles of both men and women causing thinning of the hair. High levels of DHT may gradually shrink hair follicles, resulting in a decreased hair growth.

Replenishes nutrients like Biotin, B complex, vitamin C necessary for active hair growth. Gradually you will start feeling the difference in the hair volume and texture starting from 12 weeks. Visible reduction in hair fall from 24 weeks. We suggest continuous regular consumtion for atleast 4-6 months for healthy hair.

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