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10 Instagrammers To Motivate You To Get Off That Couch

Want to get fit but keep postponing it to the next day? Follow these 10 Instagrammers who will motivate you to get moving.

If pulling yourself out of your bed and scrolling endlessly on social media is the only exercise you get, well, then you need some serious fitness motivators. It’s time you turn your gadget addiction into a tool to get you off that couch and on your feet. Check out these amazing fitness motivators, trainers and influencers who share their body transformation journey along with easy tips to workout on Instagram. It’s time to double-tap and get those workout shoes out.

1.Yasmin Karachiwala

Pilates instructor and the reason behind Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez’ svelte figure, Yasmin Karachiwala has a host of instructional videos for the floor as well as machine workout. She offers dietary tips and Bollywood stars’ training regime. She even has a YouTube channel that you can follow for in-depth insights on working out.

2.Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho’s Instagram page is a must-follow for fitness lovers. His holistic coaching includes balanced nutrition, managing emotions, exercising and good sleep, and is sure to help you get moving. His easy and valuable tips of wisdom on eating clean and working towards better mental health are ideal to push you for your exercise.

3. Natasha Noel

If you enjoy yoga and need a fitness motivator, you cannot miss-out on following Natasha. On her YouTube channel, she creates a step-by-step process showing each asana that she practices. She also extensively speaks about mental health issues and body positivity. And her funny take on workout and life makes for an entertaining way to get fit.

4. Shiva

Based on yoga and calisthenics, Shiva offers a series of body movements that create a beautiful workout flow. He posts images of his class showing slow and steady progression, just what you need from a fitness motivator to push yourself every single day.

5. Neha Agarwalla

India’s top female CrossFitter and Instagram fitness model, Neha offers simple tips for beginners and enthusiasts. She has redefined beauty standards by stating that being fit and healthy is better than being unhealthy and thin. Her workout and instructional videos on Instagram are ideal for when you feel rather lazy to lift and could really do with a fitness motivator.

6. Sohrab Khushrushahi

SohFit by Sohrab Khushrushahi offers tailored programs for individuals who want to lose weight or get lean. The transformational videos, workout tips, and diet recipes and ideas make this a great account to follow for dropping those kilos. He is just the fitness motivator you need, when you’re all ready to give up.

7. Ranveer Allhabadia

On his account, BeerBiceps, Ranveer brings a personal story of his struggle with weight loss and mental health issues. Besides creating a perfect body, he also offers tips on dealing with stress, managing time, and other ways to be fit both mentally and physically. He even has a YouTube channel where he offers detailed insights on every topic he addresses on social media, making him the perfect fitness motivator for you to follow.

8. Ayesha Billimoria

A three-time national champion in 200 meters, Ayesha Billimoria does more than just running (although it’s her favorite). Named the ‘Fastest Girl In India’ in her teens, she coaches people in the city to get their adrenaline pumping and work towards being fit. Her instructional videos on Instagram TV are at a slow pace and suit beginners and pros alike.

9. Devrath Vijay

Whether you describe him as an Instagram fitness model, trainer, or influencer, Devrath is one Instagrammer you absolutely should follow. He travels across the globe, learning the local ways of being fit and incorporates them in his training. His Instagram account shows his discipline and dedication towards making the world a fitter place. You will find fluid exercises and martial arts movements from this dance lover.

10. Milind Soman

The ‘Made In India’ man is more than just eye candy or an Instagram fitness model. Milind Soman is a huge inspiration to runners everywhere. At 53 years of age, he still participates in marathons across India and shares tips on being fit even when traveling.

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