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5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Maintain Good Health

We’re consuming from plates and boxes and from screens of many sizes. We’re drinking. We’re smoking. We’re living it up. And expecting our body’s to adjust.

5 unbelievably easy lifestyle hacks to keep medicines at bay

We’re consuming from plates and boxes and from screens of many sizes. We’re drinking. We’re smoking. We’re living it up. And expecting our body’s to adjust. With our increasingly busy lifestyles, we tend to opt for a quick fix to our ailments, and this often involves a medicine of some kind. But have we become too reliant on modern medicines? And if so, is there a way we can prevent the use of medicines?

New data from the National Health Accounts (NHA) published by the Union health ministry reveals that medicines are the biggest financial burden on Indian households. 1

Did you know, over 61 percent of all deaths in India are due to lifestyle or non-communicable diseases (NCDs)? 2 The number of overweight and obese people in India doubled between 2005 and 2015. 26 percent of all deaths in India happen due to cardiovascular diseases. Whether it is heart diseases, respiratory illnesses, cancer, obesity or food allergies, emerging research reveals that the rise in their incidences is due to environmental factors—rapid urbanisation, air pollution and changes in diet—rather than your genes. 3


A lot of these issues can be attributed to poor health choices be it overworking and lack of sleep, erratic schedules, irregular eating habits, alcohol abuse, too much time spent in front of our screens, and unhealthy diets that are high in fat and carbs and low in protein and nutrients. So where do we stop? Where do we begin? These staggering numbers are an eye-opener. We need to adopt small changes to reverse this trend, and guard ourselves against these diseases, so that we aren’t just another number in these statistics.


As the name suggest, lifestyle habits imply that lifestyles can be changed for the better. Simple day to day changes towards healthy habits can make a world of difference towards your overall health and immunity. Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can take a few steps to a healthy lifestyle and help your body become stronger and healthier on a daily basis.

Eat Healthy


Let’s just put it out there – Fast food does you no favours. Pre-packaged, heavily processed food or food that is fried and full of additives, saturated fats and preservatives does more harm than good in the long term. High sodium content leads to high blood pressure and an increased risk of strokes and heart disease. Foods full of sugar and fat lead to obesity and diabetes and with it a whole range of other chronic health conditions. Next time you eat some junk, make a physical note of the junk you’re eating. And make sure you look at that list often. The more you look at it, the worse you will feel. When you realize that you have to account for it, you’ll reduce the intake. Gradually you’ll notice your diet improving. Also try fill your day with fresh fruit and vegetables rich in nutrients, fibre and protein. However, even if you are eating healthy, sometimes other factors like nutrient depletion from the soil or digestive ailments and stress, mean lack of absorption of the right nutrients.

That’s exactly why nutritional supplements are becoming a highly renowned and routine way of bridging this nutritional crisis, across India and the world. Lucky for us, India has always placed nature at its core beliefs, through ancient medicinal practices. 4 Sciences and nature, today, is being combined to bring us the best of both worlds.


Did you know that the secret to good health lies in your tummy? When there is a proliferation of healthy gut bacteria present in your stomach, your immunity is at its best. In fact, your gastrointestinal tract handles over 70% of your body’s immune defense. Your daily defense against niggling health issues such as the common cold, fever or digestive issues are dealt with effectively and nipped in the bud before they escalate into a full-fledged illness. This is where probiotic supplements really make a difference. When chosen properly, supplements can provide you with a daily dose of naturally fermented probiotics rich in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that offer a natural alternative to healthcare woes. Nothing quite like making daily positive steps towards a medicine-free life in the future.

Monitor your screen time


“Our phone screen is the lamp and we are the moths.” In today’s day and age more than ever, this is our reality. As adults and (even more worrying) children, we are addicted to our screens that are constantly emitting harmful blue light. Reduce the brightness of your phone screen to a bare minimum if you really have to look at it in the dark. Also, put on night-mode if your phone has one. You can also combat the evils of the screen with natural supplements that improve retinal health. Research shows that two carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin can significantly reduce eye strain and enrich vision if consumed regularly.

Get Your Snooze On


This one’s a biggie. Do not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. You should aim for 7-8 hours a night to prevent various sleep disorders. To accomplish this on a daily basis, it is recommended that you switch off all electronic gadgets at least an hour before getting into bed and do a few breathing exercises to calm your mind so you can get that undisturbed sleep we all crave for.

Get your Sweat on


Overwhelming evidence proves the notion that reductions in daily physical activity are primary causes of chronic diseases/conditions. We recommend at least 30 minutes a day light/ moderate physical activity to maximize health span and lifespan. For every 30 minutes of looking at a screen, stand up, take a few steps and do a quick neck/ eye exercise. Even if you’re not looking at a screen, this is a practice that could do you good. Take the stairs if possible. If it’s too much, at least get off three floors before yours, or get in to the elevator after you climb three floors. A little movement could add to your energy. Gradually you could increase the activity.:::

Drink. Drink. And then Drink Some More


Calm down. We are talking about water here. It is recommended that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to promote good health and to help flush out the toxins and increase your metabolism. Consistent water consumption also helps your liver and kidneys function optimally. Remember, your liver fights the good fight every single day for you. It works relentlessly to counter the toxins that seep into your body as a result of external and internal pollutants. Another simple way to accelerate the optimal functioning of your liver and reduce the damages caused by drinking, is to boost your daily routine with natural supplements. A well chosen natural supplement can go a long way towards preventing conditions such as fatty liver and cirrhosis. Why wait till the situation escalates out of control and requires intensive and intrusive medical attention when you can prevent the worst from happening by strengthening your liver on a daily basis (and psst… maybe even make those hangovers more bearable).

These 5 basic but super effective ways does wonders in preventing chronic ailments and delays the onset of lifestyle diseases! While on one hand, dietary supplements like Setu, have no side effects and balance your nutritional needs. Medicines, on the other hand, can have side effects and often only mask the symptoms without curing the root cause! We believe that in all instances, Meds Can Wait and making small positive changes in your daily routine can go a long way to a healthy yet modern lifestyle and power you to do what you love for longer.

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