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A Quick Guide to Wrinkle-Free Skin

Today, everyone’s trying to figure out how to improve skin elasticity. There are so many methods for enhancing your skin’s elasticity – but what is the meaning of firming skin really? To put it simply, skin firmness refers to how taut your skin is.

Today, everyone’s trying to figure out how to improve skin elasticity. There are so many methods for enhancing your skin’s elasticity – but what is the meaning of firming skin really? To put it simply, skin firmness refers to how taut your skin is.

Your skin’s ability to stretch and contract diminishes as you get older, which is why it’s important to learn how to increase skin elasticity as early as possible (1). The truth is that firmness and skin elasticity – your skin’s ability to expand and contract – are important to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Over time, your skin is likely to begin to sag, and we all know how many topical treatments exist to combat wrinkles and sagging skin.

Read on to learn the most effective way to keep your skin taut.

What Causes Skin Sagging?

1) Sun exposure

When your skin is exposed to UV rays without sun protection, it undergoes photoaging – the UV rays break down your skin’s collagen at a higher rate than normally occurs during your natural ageing process. UV radiation also creates free radicals, or unstable particles that harm your cell’s genetic material. To prevent this, make sure you’re using sunscreen daily. Whether you’re indoors or outside, apply a sunscreen formula with a minimum of SPF 30+.

2) Loss of collagen and elastin

Collagen is a protein that forms the building blocks of your skin, hair, and muscles. This protein keeps your skin firm and supple. But as we age, our bodies produce less collagen, which causes dullness, wrinkles, and fine lines. Your body also lowers its production of elastin, the protein that allows skin to expand and contract. Less elastin means that your skin is less likely to stay taut and firm. Age-related loss of collagen and elastin is what causes wrinkles.

3) Changes in weight

Our skin tends to expand and contract as our bodies gain and lose weight. But as we get older, this mechanism slows down. So, if you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, chances are you might have lost your collagen structure. Research shows that being overweight for a long time can damage skin collagen and elastin fibres (2).

4 Skincare Tips to Increase Skin Elasticity

These simple at-home tips can help you enjoy younger-looking skin.

1) Hydrate your skin

Water is important for your body and skin. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your skin will feel dry and lifeless. Your body retains less moisture as you age, so adequate hydration becomes especially important. In addition to drinking water, make sure you’re using a moisturiser every day.

2) Use good-quality skincare products

Use skin care products that are specifically targeted towards skin firming and tightening. Retinoids and retinol are two popular skincare ingredients, proven to replenish skin elasticity. A derivative of vitamin A, retinoid products are available over-the-counter, like eye creams, face serums, and body lotions. There is ample scientific evidence suggesting that prescription-grade retinoids can reduce and reverse photoaging, too (3).

3) Create better habits

Simple tweaks in your daily routine can play a big role in your skin firmness. Exercising frequently builds muscle strength and firms up skin. Adding more antioxidant-rich foods to your meals also support good skin (4). Antioxidants are chemicals that fight free radicals in the body, preventing further skin damage. You can find antioxidants in most colourful fruits and vegetables, especially those that have a yellow, red, or orange hue.

4) Try a skin supplement

A simple fix to improve your skin firmness is to start taking a supplement that supports skin health. Setu offers several supplements that target skin issues, working from the inside to improve your skin. Our Skin: Youthful powder with award-winning marine collagen peptides is perfect if you’re looking to improve your skin elasticity. Powered by vitamin C, zinc, and biotin, this formula increases your skin’s hydration levels while reducing wrinkles and pigmentation. It also helps fight signs of ageing, brightening up dull skin.

Our Favourite Skin Firming Techniques

Along with nourishing your skin from within, certain exercises can also boost your skin’s health. You can try:

1) Facial exercises

Facial exercises really boost your skin firming routine. Stress and tension can often build up in your forehead and jaw, both of which are prime locations for wrinkles! Try facial exercises that target your forehead, chin, cheekbones, and eyes. You can also try facial yoga for tightening the muscles on your face and neck.

2) Physical exercise

Physical exercise is the best way to maintain the firmness of your skin. Cardio-focused activities, like running or skipping, keep the blood flowing to your muscles. Your muscles, in turn, become stronger and more adaptable to everyday life. Further, weight training helps improve the strength and tautness of your muscles. A combination of both types of activities are likely to firm up your skin and make you feel more comfortable in your skin (5).


1) Will a skin firming cream help reduce wrinkles?

When figuring out what is firming skin, remember that creams will not be as effective as exercise and other lifestyle changes. Anti-wrinkle creams can be effective in improving skin elasticity, but they cannot be used as the only solution. For optimal results, nourish your body with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it requires from within, opt for healthy habits, and use a firming cream in addition to everything else.

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