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Anxious A Lot These Days? Here's How To Calm Your Mind

Emotional disturbances are normal. We all feel upset, angry, worried, and anxious – and these are all regular aspects of life. It’s also normal and healthy to calm yourself down within a few minutes. But what if the anxiety gets difficult to control and you’re unable to get over the feeling? Often, overcoming the feeling of anxiety isn’t that easy.

The good news: it isn’t impossible either. Here are some useful strategies and calming techniques that can help you when you feel anxious or stressed.

Calming Techniques To Overcome Anxiety

Here are a few simple methods that will help relax you when you feel anxious.

Question Irrational Thoughts

Disturbing thoughts or feelings of uncertainty manifest in the form of anxiety. Sometimes irrational thoughts can destroy a lot of good things in your life. When the thoughts that cross your mind seem irrational, question yourself.

  • Can such a thing really happen?
  • Has anyone else come across the same issue?
  • What is the worst-case scenario?

After the introspection, you should try to reconstruct your thoughts. Instead of imagining a situation that you may never be in, try thinking differently. You should be able to say ‘come what may, I will be able to handle the situation’ or ‘this may happen – and it is okay’.

Practice Breathing Techniques

The next time you feel anxious or angry, focus on your breath. Your breath will be shallow and quick. Your brain will receive a message and as a reflex action, supports acute stress response. You are recommended to take deep breaths when you are anxious or angry as it disrupts this response.

You can initially begin with a deep breath in and a deep breath out and pay attention to your body while inhaling and exhaling. You can then escalate to the next level i.e., exhale longer than inhale. Your exhalation should be twice as long as your inhalation.

Imagine Something Calm

As you practise breathing techniques, imagine yourself calming down, transforming from an anxious to relaxed state. You can also imagine a disturbed ocean or water body calming down as you take each breath. Let the ripples slow down and imagine the ocean becoming peaceful. You will feel your body relax the more often you practise this technique, as you’re symbolically visualising yourself moving into a calmer state.

Divert Your Attention

Whenever you feel anxious or angry, it is best to divert your attention. Get out of the present situation by taking a walk – even if this means walking out of the room you’re in.

Don’t Relive The Past

Avoid recalling the past – it makes you anxious about what might never happen again. A calamity in the past may never occur again. Tell yourself it isn’t going to repeat itself. Study the present and compare your current circumstance with the past – you’ll notice changes. You may be mature enough to associate with the right person. A lot will have changed from the time you were a child or a teenager. The negatives that occurred at that age may not ever repeat. Stop recollecting the incident and unnecessarily being anxious about something that you presume may happen.

Expand Your Beliefs

Anxiety constricts your thoughts. Read more, speak to a certified health practitioner or therapist, and open your mind to other belief systems. This will help you view the situation from all lenses – not just as an intimidating one.

Observe Your Thoughts

Nurture a thought only if it is helpful. Before you focus on a thought, allow it to pass through your mind like a cloud. Focus on the thought that gives you the determination to head towards your goals, despite all the odds. You will feel relaxed and reassured.

Instant Calming Techniques

If your anxiety is worsening a situation and you need to calm down instantly, you will need some quick calming techniques. Here are some tips that will calm you down instantly.

Recharge Yourself

Relaxation techniques work only when you’re charged and hydrated. When you feel stressed, try to grab something small to eat. You can even eat small bits of dark chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has a calming effect and will help you when you are anxious as it supports cognitive health.

Listen to Soothing Music

Soft soothing music can relax your mind. Whenever you feel stressed, listen to soft music which is therapeutic.


Transform your mood with something that can make you laugh. Watch comedy shows or funny movies. Laughter is the best therapy for anxiety and stress. It can also enhance your quality of life, and tricks your brain into believing you’re happy.

Get Yourself A Pet

Interacting with an animal is a powerful stressbuster. Pets are the best companions, giving you affection and making you feel less lonely. However, having a pet is a long-term commitment, so make sure you have the means to nurture and look after the pet all through it’s life. The rewards are incredible.


There are so many reasons for anxiety and stress. Trauma, stressful triggers, a busy schedule, a lack of social activity, and even sleep deprivation, are just some of them. In such a situation, brooding over your mental state is not the answer. There are ways to overcome stress and anxiety with calming techniques, as mentioned in this article.

Above all, changing your thought process can transmute the situation.


What should you do when you feel anxious?

Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Your breath shallows down when you are angry or anxious. When you try the breathing technique you can feel your mind and body calm down and your sanity restored.

Does walking out of the room help when you are anxious?

Deviating your attention is one efficient way to relax your mind. Walk out of the room and set your attention on a different task and you will feel the anger or anxiety die down.

Can hunger cause anxiety?

A hungry man is an angry man. But a hungry man is anxious too. You will not be able to think properly and some of you may feel nervous. Recharge yourself with some food and find yourself relaxed and calm.

How does dark chocolate help when you are anxious?

Dark chocolate inhibits the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Nibbling at some dark chocolate will help when you have to calm down instantly.

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