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Are you Breaking Up with your Best friend!?

We don’t realize it but we are becoming besties with the wrong group. Eating too much bread, binge watching Netflix, and drinking 1 too many glasses of vino puts you in bad company. Without realizing it, you are creating trouble and putting yourself at high risks for the future!

Time to Break Up!:

Poor Eating Habits

Early Signs: Bloating, Irregular/Irritable Bowels, Stomach Ache

Something as minor as excess of salt, dairy, wheat or even eating too quickly could be the death of our gut, let alone eating processed foods. About 60 to 80% of the immune system is located in the gut, where beneficial microbes form a line of defense against germs and viruses. The lack of good bacteria damages the gut lining causing inflammation and a leaky gut. Moreover, few people realize that more than 90% of our body’s serotonin – an important neurotransmitter that plays a role in mood, sleep, memory, temperature regulation, appetite, sex drive, and more – is produced in our gut.

Excessive poor eating habits will lead to:

Stomach Upset: Constant gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn are all signs of an unhealthy gut, and to have that permanently would be so uncomfortable on a daily basis!

Food Intolerances: After a certain point, due to a poor diet, your body can start rejecting certain foods, some of which may also be important for your body.

Poor Immunity: Our gut is the second brain of the body and we eat directly affects our gut lining and thereby our overall health. If we don’t control what we eat, our immunity becomes weak, which can lead to autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, anemia, or even arthritis just to name a few.

Say Hello to your New Best friend:

Setu’s Your Gut

Setu’s Your Gut is the solution to control any gut issue you may be facing as unhealthy habit alternatives. With 15 billion CFUs in a live, active state, Setu’s Your Gut will help smooth gut function, help balance the digestive system, and increase the gut’s immunity, which will also help the overall body’s immunity.

Time to Break up!:

Blue Light & Excess Screen Time

Early Signs: Dry Eyes, Red Eyes, Eye Fatigue, and Haziness in the morning

For anyone who uses more than 6 hours of screen time at any given day, your eyes are already straining and most of us are culprits of this. If you are facing any of the symptoms or similar ones as mentioned about and this continues, your future looks grim.

Excessive screen time will cause your eyes to:

Go Blind: You will eventually have permanent blurred vision, which will hamper day-to-day activities

Sleep deprivation: That will eventually slow down and shut down the body

Brain Imparity: Cause damage to the frontal lobes that controls your motor function, problem-solving skills, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgment, and impulse control.

Say Hello to Your New Best Friend!

Setu’s Eye Max

Setu’s Eye Max protects your eyes from supports the eyes’ ability to protect against light emitted by screens, blue light, UV rays, and indoor lighting. With 2 times more lutein and 4 times more zeaxanthin than most products in the industry and made with bilberry and beetroot extract, these harmful habit alternatives will also help reduce any strain in the eye and help with healthy eye function, maintain macular and retinal health and provide sharper vision.

Time to Break Up!:

Junk Food & Alcohol

Early signs: Liver Damage/Fatty Liver, Acne & Poor Skin, Depression

Due to our hectic lifestyle eating out, skipping meals, and winding down after a long day of work with a drink in hand has become so common. While we may feel really good about munching on a packet of crispy chips or having a drink after the boss who wouldn’t stop talking, our insides aren’t feeling good at all about this.

Eating unhealthy foods & drinking alcohol regularly will cause your body:

Liver Damage and Fatty Liver: A high fat and sugar diet directly hits the liver. While it may not show on your overall body weight, a high fat and sugar diet causes fatty liver, a disease about 25% of the country suffers from. Your liver starts to swell and over time, it can harden and cause scar tissues on the liver. If you feel like “stomach pains” around the liver area constantly, chances are your liver has a problem.

Acne & Poor Skin: Unhealthy foods also affect the skin. Your skin becomes dull and due to excess sugar and oils, you start breaking out as well. If you’re constantly breaking out or have dull skin, you should reevaluate your diet.

Depression: While it is not proven that eating junk food and alcohol causes depression, studies implicate “unhealthy foods that lead to chronic inflammation is associated with a higher risk of depression. Dr. Camille Lassale, the study’s lead author says that, since high fat processed foods can lead to inflammation across the digestive system, eventually pro-inflammatory molecules may travel to the brain and affect neurotransmitters in charge of regulating your mood, which may cause negative moods.”

Say Hello to Your New Bestfriend!:

Setu’s Gluta Fizz

Some of the best unhealthy lifestyle alternatives include Setu’s Gluta Fizz. Gluathione, the main ingredient to Setu’s Gluta Fizz, is a tripeptide comprised of three amino acids (cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine) and acts as an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, and a detoxifying agent. Gluta Fizz helps raise the glutathione levels in the liver, which helps detoxify not only the liver better but also the kidneys and stomach (intestines) that also benefits the skin and helps aid in high stomach immunity.

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