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Celebrity Brightening Skin Secret Revealed

Celebrity cosmetologist tells us about the secret behind the bright and fair skin of our top stars

From desi girl – Priyanka Chopra’s flawless complexion to the queen Deepika Padukone’s unmatched glow, these celebrities are definitely (hashtag) skin goals. You may dream of porcelain-like, bright skin and even follow celeb-inspired diets, exercises, and beauty treatments, but they know of one secret that you don’t! Meet Dr Shetty, a Mumbai-based cosmetologist to renowned celebrities, who spills the beans on glutathione and gives a peek into the celeb skin secrets.

“It’s true, glutathione is an amazing skin lightening element that I prescribe to most of my patients. Celebrities are just like us, they suffer from acne, dull skin, and sun damage. Plus, they even have to shoot in harsh studio lighting with heavy make-up. Only simple, external products don’t do the trick for them, they need glutathione,” Dr Shetty explained.

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione is an antioxidant. It is produced mainly in plants and animals, and some fungi and bacteria. Its composition largely includes three amino acids namely glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. It has a number of health benefits, however, it is most popular for its amazing skin benefits. Maintaining a high level of glutathione in the body will help you get celebrity like glowing skin. However, glutathione deficiency is quite common and is caused by a number of factors such as poor nutrition, stress, environmental toxins, age, etc. So let’s talk about how you can increase glutathione levels in your body to get glowing skin.

Glutathione, The Well-Kept Secret

So wait, what exactly is glutathione? We asked Dr Shetty to shed some light. She said, “It is a powerful antioxidant which is naturally found in human cells. Three amino acids, namely glutamine, glycine, and cysteine form the base of it. Additionally, it contains sulfur that absorbs all the free radicals and toxins from the body.”

Since our body produces it, we should all have the same, flawless skin like the Quantico actress, right? “Not necessarily,” continues Dr Shetty, “just like vitamins, glutathione levels in the body can vary from person to person, and more importantly can be reduced due to several reasons. These may be poor nutrition, lack of sleep, pollution, age, and stress. When toxins become higher in your body, glutathione is overpowered and loses its fighting strength, finally affecting your body.”

Inside-Out Advantages Of Glutathione

Dr Shetty further explains that glutathione’s wonders go beyond vanity. She said, “Skin lightening is actually a byproduct of glutathione, in fact, it detoxifies the body from the inside to make you healthier. Your chronic infections and minor aches are a result of a compromised immune system. With this antioxidant in your body, you strengthen the system to fight infections and prevent other diseases. Some have even claimed that it helps fight serious illnesses like diabetes, HIV, and cancer; however, it is yet to be explored.”

Natural Sources of Glutathione

It is clear that our skin doesn’t look as alluring as celebrities, no matter how much we try. This means we might be seriously lacking this wonderful antioxidant in our body. So how do we get more of it? Dr Shetty suggested a few food items that will help increase the levels of glutathione in our body.

  • Sulfur-Rich Foods: Opt for non-vegetarian dishes that consists of fish, poultry, and beef. These are high in sulfur content. Alternatively, vegetarians can pick broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and kale.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin also has antioxidants that work the same way as glutathione, only less potent in comparison, thus working alongside it to fight toxins. Having vitamin C helps improve glutathione levels in the long run. Citrus fruits, berries, and bell peppers are rich in vitamin C.
  • Foods containing Glutathione: Asparagus, avocados, spinach, and okra have a high content of this antioxidant when consumed in their raw form.

Glutathione Supplements

“While it is great to pick the natural route to increase glutathione, the cooking process and then the digestion takes away most of this antioxidant, leaving little for your body,” explained Dr Shetty. She suggested that taking a concentrated version of glutathione, derived from natural sources is the only way to ensure you are getting the right amounts.

She elaborates, “Externally taking glutathione is much more effective than other sources as they form a strong wall against the toxins. You can go for injections, soaps, creams, and dietary supplements. The last one is the easiest, non-invasive, and the fastest way to get results from glutathione. Around 500 mg per day is recommended for most, but it is best to check with your healthcare practitioner, based on your body type. Remember, the aim is to be disease-free and be healthy, and as a result, have lighter and brighter skin as compared to before.”

An exceptional oral supplement for glutathione is Setu Gluta Fizz that comes in a water-soluble tasty, fizzy formula. It is clinically studied, sugar-free, and is not known to have any side-effects. It supports detoxification and promotes beautiful skin. So it’s time you add glutathione to your daily supplements and look like a red-carpet diva, wherever you may be – at home or office!

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