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Best Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss

There’s a countless number of people around the globe looking for ways to lose weight. Everybody is drawn to some kind of weight loss or weight management program, something that suits them best or something they feel comfortable in. Some opt for an intense workout, some run regularly, some prefer yoga and some stop eating! Many are disciplined enough to get the desired results in a few months, but most struggle to stick to a regime. What if we tell you, you can lose fat in a very simple way? What if we tell you, you don’t have to give up eating or count every calorie you consume? Would be thrilling, wouldn’t it? Well, brace yourself, because that’s exactly what we’re telling you! You can now eat and lose weight at the same time. Don’t believe us? We’ve got evidence for it all! Here’s a compilation of foods that burn calories and help you lose weight. Read on to find out more.

1. Green Tea

Green tea has a leg up in the competition when it comes to boosting metabolism, speeding up the release of fat from cells, blocking the creation of new fat cells, etc. In addition, this magic potion is rich in antioxidant ECGC, a compound that effectively burns fats and puts a halt to its production. All these benefits not only make green tea a healthy beverage option, but also make it one of the best fat-burning foods. To enhance your chances of losing weight quicker, pair your cup of green tea with a workout session. Research suggests that people who exercised for 25 minutes and drank four to five cups of green tea daily burned more belly fat than those who did not drink tea .

2. Coconut Oil

Journal Lipids published a study that showed dietary supplementation of coconut oil actually reduced abdominal obesity even with all the fat that it contains . In the research, one group was given two tablespoons of coconut oil daily and the other group was given soybean oil instead. Although both groups showed weight loss, members of the coconut oil group had smaller waistlines as they had lost more belly fat. The credits go to the medium-chain triglycerides present in coconut oil that helps the body use the fat as energy instead of storing it as fat; and also lauric acid that targets belly fat specifically and burns it down.

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is delicious and helps you lose weight! Aren’t these reasons enough to add it to your diet already? A research done at the University of Tennessee found that people who ate about 18 ounces of Greek yogurt daily, lost 22% more weight in general and 81% more belly fat when compared to those who didn’t. What gives this snack the weight loss ability? The almost perfect balance of vitamin D and calcium helps turn off cortisol (the stress hormone) which lets the body cling to belly fat. The research states that too! .

4. Chilli Peppers

Chili peppers are enriched with antioxidants that may reduce inflammation in the body and may even protect your cells from being damaged. Some research suggests that capsaicin, an antioxidant found in chili peppers, is what gives them the ability to help the body burn fats . Well, it’s established that chili peppers do more than just add heat and taste to your food, it is safe to consider them natural fat burning foods too.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Now you must be wondering how olive oil, which contains fats itself, helps you lose fat? The fat in olive oil is a healthy form of fats that has been found to be helpful in burning unhealthy fats in the body. The International Journal of Molecular Sciences published a review which states that oleocanthal, a polyphenol only found in unrefined extra virgin olive oil is what gives olive oil its fat-burning abilities . This common household ingredient can be safely consumed if you wish to lose weight and drop those inches.

6. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are a rich source of protein. The equation is extremely simple – protein helps the body build muscles and more muscles in the body mean less room for fat and more fat burning. Also, fish are excellent sources of lean protein which means better body shape. Not to forget the omega 3 fatty acids in these fish that block fat storage while burning fat and aiding in weight loss .

7. Water/Lemon Water

Water is the most under-appreciated natural fat burning food. It’s simple math – drinking more water makes you feel fuller and it’s easier to cut back on unnecessary snacking and calorie intake. Adding some lemon to a glass of water can also help as D-limonene, an antioxidant found in lemon peel has therapeutic effects on various metabolic disorders .

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be more than just your salad dresser. ACV produces proteins inside the body that burn fat and help you reduce weight. This was confirmed by a study in which one group of participants were given ACV for over 12 weeks and the other was given a placebo. The group that was given ACV lost more weight, body fat and incles around the belly .

9. Dark Chocolate

Perhaps, dark chocolate is the only indulgence you would want to include in your diet if you are on your path to lose weight. Researches have shown that certain gut microbes in our stomach ferment chocolate and boost the production of certain polyphenolic compounds that are healthy for the gut. These polyphenolic compounds include butyrate, a type of fatty acid that helps the body burn fat as fuel resulting in weight loss . Ensure that the cacao content of the chocolate is 70 percent and more, for better results.

10. Coffee

Most of the people in the world begin their day with coffee! More than a refreshing beverage, it’s a great source of caffeine that contributes to certain health benefits. But did you know that coffee can help you burn fat? Certain small studies have shown that people who consumed coffee an hour prior to their workout routine lost two times more fat and were able to exercise for 17% longer as compared to those who didn’t consume coffee . Caffeine in coffee helps increase metabolism by 3-13%! To ensure that coffee helps you lose weight and does not lead to anxiety or insomnia, consume only 1-4 cup(s) of coffee every day, depending on its strength.


Those who cannot maintain a healthy diet or include these natural fat loss foods for whatever reasons can opt for supplements that can help them lose weight. Here’s what Setu has to offer:

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2. ACV Gummies

With Setu apple cider vinegar gummies you get all the goodness of this wonder nutrient wrapped in a yummy lemon-flavored gummy. Studies have shown that regular consumption of apple cider vinegar has benefits such as appetite control, weight loss and improved digestion.

3. Garcinia

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4. L-Carnitine

Our liquid-filled L-Carnitine capsules speed up your metabolism, increase energy, promote weight loss and boost endurance. Carnitine is an essential amino acid nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy. Take two capsules daily to achieve your weight loss and training goals.

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