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Busting The Myths About Gummies, The Next-Gen Health Supplement

Our moms were right! They always told us to eat our greens and have our fruits to build our body’s strength. But here’s what our mothers didn’t consider – our stressful lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and limited access to fresh produce would get in the way of getting all the nutrients.

Vegetarians, vegans and those with erratic lifestyle habits and low immunity who want a boost in nutrients, find their holy grail in health supplements and multivitamins. Plus, millennials and Gen Z are all about preventive healthcare (beyond the occasional kale smoothie) and are more conscious about getting fit and energetic. Hence, all-natural nutraceuticals with zero side effects, are the way to go!

All About Gummies: The New-Age Supplement

Swallowing capsules can be boring and uncomfortable. The latest trend in the world of health is gummies! And, before you ask – ‘are gummy vitamins good?’ or ‘do gummy vitamins actually work?’, yes, the delicious candy that we loved growing up just got a makeover and is now packed with healthy nutrients.

The ‘fun’ alternative to tablets and capsules, gummies are chewable, delicious and can be consumed on the go. Plus, these come individually packed to fit into your pockets and small bags like candies; anyway carrying a whole bottle of supplements is too much adult-ing for a day! For our fellow sweet lovers, we reveal a little secret. You may swap your daily piece of chocolate or treat for healthy gummies, they can sate your sweet tooth too (stick to the prescribed dosage). And perhaps, the best part about gummies is that they are just as safe and beneficial for kids as they are for adults. What’s not to love?

We know your mind already has a list of questions, some even based on myths that surround gummies. Fret not, we clear the confusion about these yummy supplements here.

Gummies As Nutrition Supplements – Busting The Myths

Myth: Gummies cannot match the potency of capsules or tablets.

Fact: Gummies carry the same or higher amounts of nutrients, ideal for each dose. Hence, they are equally beneficial and potent as capsules and tablets. In fact, they come with added benefits of being chewy and tasty. For instance, Setu Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies contain 1500mg of ACV, which is equivalent to about 1 tablespoon (1 shot) of the Liquid Apple Cider Vinegar. So, the question of are gummy vitamins good for you shouldn’t arise if you think vitamins are good for you!

Myth: Gummies are for kids.

Fact: Instead, you should probably be asking why do gummy vitamins work so well for kids. It’s because they’re a lot more fun and convenient than nasty tablets. But, that doesn’t mean that gummies are only for kids. In fact, it is ideal to carry and pop on-the-go. For adults, however, the dosage might be different depending on the nutrient and the brand.

Myth: Gummies are more about taste and less about health benefits.

Fact: That’s a common response to the question ‘are gummy vitamins healthy’, but that doesn’t make it any more true. Gummies are simply the tastier version of a regular supplement. So they have all the benefits and potency of a capsule, with the necessary ingredients.

Myth: They taste like candies so you can eat as many as you want and whenever you please.

Fact: The taste factor is added to make it easier for people to consume health supplements. But, we’ve already answered the question ‘do gummy vitamins work’. This means that gummy vitamins contain a specific nutrient dosage and like a regular supplement, these need to be taken in the right dosage (as given on the pack). In case of an underlying disease or medical condition, a doctor’s advice is recommended.

Myth: The sweetness in gummies come from excess sugar.

Fact: That’s one of the most common complaints you’ll see online when anyone asks ‘are gummy vitamins bad for you?’. The truth is quite different however, as most brands in the market use very little to no sugar in their gummies, making the product safe for people who are conscious about sugar intake.

Myth: Gummies are just an amalgamation of gelatin and chemicals.

Fact: It depends on the brands you opt for. Setu gummies are made of natural and clinically proven ingredients with no added gelatin. Hence, they show no known side effects, have high efficacy and are perfectly safe for vegetarians too.

Myth: All the gummies available in the market just differ in taste.

Fact: They don’t just differ in taste but also in the purpose they serve. Different gummies are available for different health benefits. For instance, Setu Turme Rich Gummies promote immunity and healthy skin, while Lutein Gummies provide superior eye protection. Furthermore, even the same nutrient gummies differ in potency, quality and may even have harmful additives. Thus, it is essential to rely on a quality brand, which is approved by the government authorities and are proven to be beneficial.

Gummies are all set to revolutionize the way we consume supplements, and we hope you found this article helpful. If you have any more questions about gummies, you can email us at contact@setu.in

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