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Collagen rich foods for skin and hair

Best Collagen Rich Foods For Skin and Hair


Did you know that collagen is the most abundantly found protein in the human body? It is the main structural protein found in our connective tissues and skin. It makes up about 30% of protein and plays a significant role in maintaining supple skin and joint health. Collagen is also part of your hair follicles and affects hair health and strength.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that collagen-based cosmetic products sell like hotcakes. All of us are looking for that perfect combination of skin and hair care products to get a flawlessly youthful appearance. However, what we don’t realise is that instead of wasting thousands of rupees on products, we need an excellent diet with collagen rich foods for skin and hair.

Yes, it’s that simple! There are certain foods and collagen supplements that can help you look gorgeous. All you need is some insight – and a carefully created diet plan.

Find out which collagen rich foods for skin and hair you need to include in your diet and why.

Why Collagen Is Important for Skin and Hair

As we age, the collagen-producing ability of your body decreases due to several factors, including aging, exposure to pollutants, UV rays, stress, poor lifestyle choices, diseases, and of course, poor eating habits.

However, adequate collagen levels are essential for numerous reasons. Some of these are:

#1. Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

A reduction in collagen levels causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear around your mouth and eyes. Increasing your collagen intake can help keep your skin smooth, supple and healthy for a longer time.

#2. Prevents Grey Hair

The pigment that gives hair its colour is produced in the hair follicle. Collagen helps support the structure of the hair follicle, reducing the appearance of grey hair. Hair appears to be darker and more moisturised when collagen gels and creams are applied to the scalp.

Although experts believe that consumption of collagen foods for hair and skin or collagen supplements like the Skin: Youthful Powder by Setu is always more effective than an application. This is because collagen molecules are too big to be adequately absorbed by the skin. Therefore, consuming them as part of a diet works best.

#3. Improves Skin Tone

The amino acids present in collagen help improve an uneven complexion and ensure that your skin looks smooth, healthy and even.

#4. Fights Hair Loss

Collagen helps to increase the hair building proteins in your body, resulting in thicker and longer hair. As you grow older, your natural levels of collagen decrease and supplements, such as the Setu Hair: Strong Strips, may be required.

#5. Reduces Scars

Collagen promotes the formation of healthy tissues, which increase the pace of healing and allow your skin to repair itself naturally. This helps reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark spots.

#6. Prevents Split Ends and Breakage

Collagen maintains a healthy level of hydration in your skin and hair. It helps repair split ends and effectively treats brittle,dry strands.

Best Collagen-Rich Foods for Skin and Hair

To improve the health of your skin and hair, enhance your body’s collagen-producing ability by adopting a collagen diet.

A collagen diet is a plan that helps avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates – and ensures the consumption of foods high in collagen that help maintain good hair and skin. Here are some collagen-rich foods for skin and hair:

#1. Fish with its Skin

Fish is rich in amino acids required for the production of collagen. It also contains a high concentration of Type I Collagen, found solely in the skin of the fish.

#2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C, required for the production of collagen. Tomatoes are known to protect our skin from sun damage, along with preventing the breakdown of collagen, as they contain the antioxidant lycopene.

#3. Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient for collagen synthesis. Each variety of bell peppers contains vitamin C. However, the older the pepper gets, the more vitamin C it produces. Since red peppers are super ripe green peppers, and the yellow ones fall in the middle, red peppers are ideal for collagen production.

#4. Berries

All varieties of berries contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is great for collagen production. Berries also contain ellagic acid that protects your skin against UV damage.

#5. Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of the biggest sources of collagen! It can either be made at home or bought online or at a store.

#6. Eggs

The yolk of an egg is a rich source of collagen, improving the texture and health of your hair. Egg whites contain amino acids that are essential for collagen production.

#7. Leafy Greens

Various green vegetables, like kale, spinach, cabbage and lettuce, contain the most desirable nutrient - vitamin C. They also contain chlorophyll, which produces procollagen, the predecessor of collagen.

#8. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C. This nutrient helps link amino acids during collagen production.

#9. Chicken

Not unlike beef and fish, chicken contains high quantities of amino acids required to produce collagen. Regular consumption of non-vegetarian food ensures a steady supply of collagen and helps maintain good hair and skin.

#10. Legumes

Legumes, like chickpeas, are perfect for the synthesis of collagen as they’re rich in vitamin C and zinc.

#11. Oysters

Believe it or not, oysters contain high amounts of copper, another mineral that aids collagen synthesis!

Can you Take Collagen Supplements?

Collagen is produced through amino acids, which are consumed through food. However, the body’s ability to produce collagen starts declining after you hit the age of 20. Therefore, if you feel your diet does not contain too many collagen foods for skin and hair, supplements can be a good idea.

These supplements are not actually collagen – they are small components of collagen that have already been broken down into an absorbable form.

One must remember that your body produces collagen through the combination of amino acids. Irrespective of whether you consume collagen supplements or not, you must always focus on a healthy diet that includes plenty of amino acids to aid your body in collagen production.

When choosing collagen supplements, always opt for a reliable brand with clinically-tested and high-quality ingredients. A good option to consider would be the Setu supplements for skin and hair.

Additional Benefits of Consuming Collagen Foods

Apart from boosting hair and skin health, collagen has a plethora of other health benefits. Here are a few:

#1. Relieves Joint Pain

As growing age reduces collagen production, the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders increases. A study of 500 people having osteoarthritis found that consuming approximately 10 grams of collagen for 24 weeks improved joint stiffness and joint pain.

It has been observed that consuming collagen supplements results in an accumulation of collagen in the cartilage, leading to better joint support, lower inflammation, and less pain.

#2. Prevents Bone Loss

Bones are mostly made of collagen, and they gain their structure and strength from the same. Just like collagen, bone mass also deteriorates with age, leading to low bone density and a greater risk of fractures.

#3. Boosts Muscle Mass

Collagen supports the boosting of muscle mass in people that suffer from sarcopenia, a condition that results in loss of muscle mass that occurs due to growing age.

Studies suggest that collagen supplements promote the synthesis of muscle protein and stimulate muscle growth post-workout.

#4. Promotes Heart Health

Studies show that collagen supplements help reduce the risk of heart disease. It provides structure to your blood vessels and arteries. Without collagen, your arteries become less elastic and flexible. This may lead to a stroke or heart attack.


Collagen is associated with several benefits and next to no risks! Frequent consumption leads to the prevention of bone loss, increase in muscle mass, and better skin and hair health.

It’s important to note that although there are multiple collagen rich foods for skin and hair, there is no guarantee that the results gained by consuming them or by consuming supplements are the same. At the same time, collagen supplements are easy to use, safe and show significant results.

So go ahead and give Setu supplements for skin and hair a shot – we’re certain you’re going to love the results!

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