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Do Facial Rollers Really Work? We Tell You The Secret

Understand why facial rollers help in improving skin and are highly beneficial.

Have you noticed facial rollers popping up on your social media ads lately? You are not the only one. This massaging device is the rage amongst beauty bloggers, influencers, and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Zendaya. But, few know how to use facial rollers and if they really are beneficial? We tell you more.

What are Facial Rollers?

You’re not alone in wondering what is a facial roller or what does a face roller do. Made of jade, rose quartz or amethyst, these rollers look like they could be in a museum, and rightly so; they were used in China in the 17th century, but have gained popularity once again. They were a device used to massage the facial skin and appear very similar to a paint roller.

How Do They Work?

Across our body, we have nodes linked to lymphatic vessels that store the lymph fluid. These nodes are responsible for our immune systems to wipe out infections. Since there are no muscles or valves in these channels, lymphatic fluid can get accumulated. On the face, this can result in puffiness. When you stimulate these nodes, you are detoxifying the fluid and as a result, the face, offering a new and fresh look.

Benefits of Facial Rollers

With rollers, you reach the deeper layers of the skin and lymph, which can be stimulated. Stroking these areas results in the circulation of nutrient-rich blood with oxygen towards the tissues of the face. The result: instant glow!

In addition to that, most obvious of benefits of facial rollers, the friction in tissues warms up the underlying support structure for skin elasticity and collagen. This, in turn, helps improve skin tightness, making you look younger. They even work well to soothe and calm the skin, and are great for relaxation. They allow anti-aging and other creams to seep deeper into your skin easily and produce positive results. Of course, to reap these benefits, you should know how to use facial rollers appropriately.

How to Use Facial Rollers

How to Use Facial Rollers

Before you dive into the subject of how to use facial rollers, apply a few drops of serum, moisturizer or oil to your face and then get to the roller, moving it over areas on which you have applied oil. Apply more pressure during the upward motion, as it helps lift muscles. While massaging the face, don’t forget the neck region. The roller can be used up and down, back and forth, and towards the side. The larger end of the tool can be used around your forehead, under the jaw, and the cheekbones, while the smaller end can be used around the eyes, delicately.

Pro Tip: It is best to keep your facial roller inside the fridge. Roll it over a sheet mask for a wonderfully cool and soothing feel.

Usage of these rollers on their own may not always be adequate for taking complete care of your skin. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat fruits such as guava and orange that are rich in vitamin C. Remember to use the roller as a relaxing tool for wellness, instead of a cure-all for skincare.

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