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Feeling Stuck At Work? Try These Powerful Mindfulness Techniques

The work-from-home culture has made your work hours unlimited. Continuous phone calls, emails, online meetings, and much more along with your own work have made life hectic for you. You feel stuck at your work almost round the clock. You are left with no time for your family and friends. Your social life comes to a standstill. All work and no play have made you a dull boy.

You are bound to feel overwhelmed when you are stuck in a continuously busy schedule. This can affect your mental health. Your productivity will also come down when you are not able to focus. How do you handle the situation? The best way is to try some mindfulness techniques that relax your mind and improve your focus and concentration.

Here are a few powerful mindfulness techniques that are doable.

Mindfulness Techniques To Follow To Be More Active At Work

What is mindfulness? The state of mind when you are fully aware of your present and do not overreact or get overwhelmed by anything is mindfulness. You will be focused and mindful in your task only if you like the job at hand. A lack of mindfulness will impact your work and productivity. For 100% performance, you will have to improve your mindfulness.

Follow the powerful mindfulness techniques given below to be more vibrant and productive at work.

Start Your Day With A Goal

Start your day with a goal. It could be a work-related goal like being determined to complete a task that has been pending for days. It could be thinking positively the whole day to be in tune with yourself by the end of the day. You can either reassure yourself by speaking aloud about your goal. You can also list it on a paper and stick it to a place that catches your constant attention.

Set A Routine For The Day

Start your day with light exercises or with a walk in nature. Make this a routine. While on a walk try introspecting, being aware of the objects and smells around, the thoughts that cross your mind through the walk, etc. This will help you to be more mindful. If possible include a brief walk during lunchtime and double your mindfulness. When done continuously this can turn out to be one of the most powerful mindfulness techniques.

Practice Meditation

It will be a great idea if you can set aside some time every morning for one of the most popular mindfulness techniques i.e., meditating with closed eyes. This will improve your awareness and help you perform better. If you are always in a rush to get to work on time in the morning, you may not be able to save some time for this powerful mindfulness technique. Never mind, if you are travelling to work by bus, train, or by chauffeur driven car, you can use the transit time for meditation. You can try listening to some guided meditation with closed eyes. You will feel refreshed and active by the end of the session.

Focus On Your Breathing

Tuning in with your breathing is a remarkable way to destress yourself. Try to consciously be aware of your breath now and then and especially when you are anxious. You can feel your stress and anxiety just fade away.

The simplest thing you can do when you have a busy schedule is to focus on your breath when you are anxious or stressed. It can be done practically anywhere and at any time. If you are in a meeting and the proceedings of the meeting are tiring you out, try taking deep breaths in between to feel de-stressed instantly.

Limit Screen Time

It has been reiterated time and again how technology and especially social media harm your mental health. It is very easy to forget the present and get addicted to laptops, mobile, or computer screens. Does it help make any positive changes to your life? Instead, it can stress you out even more.

Take short breaks in between if you are constantly working on a computer or a laptop. Try to be aware of the cool breeze that sweeps across your face, how your feet feel on the ground, the aroma of strong coffee, etc. This way you will be more mindful of the task you undertake and the environment around you.

Chat With A Loved One

When you are too worked up it is a normal tendency to draw yourself into a corner and browse through social media content during a lunch break. This is no way of helping yourself. You should shut your attention, stop your task for some time, and then try to indulge in a conversation with your friends. This is one of the most effective mindfulness techniques. If bonding is not possible during a lunch break, you can contemplate dinner with your friends after work. The dinner will be a great de-stressor so that you are back to work in full form.

Eat Mindfully

It may seem weird to eat mindfully. But trust me, it is one great way of diverting your mind from a monotonous task. When you eat, you just eat. Put away all your tasks and be aware of what you eat by feeling and enjoying every morsel of your food. Enjoy the taste, colour, and texture of your food.

Just pouncing on whatever is placed in front of you and finishing the whole thing in a jiffy is not considered eating. It is gobbling. Try mindful eating and notice the way you feel. It can be a totally different experience.


Powerful mindfulness practices are recommended for a reason. With an unusually busy schedule combined with work pressure, stress and anxiety have become an integral part of one’s life. Mindfulness techniques have various benefits like reducing stress and anxiety, exerting control over emotions, and overall cognitive performance. Practise the mindfulness techniques mentioned above and improve both your physical and mental health.


What is mindfulness practice?

Mindfulness practice is an exercise for the brain like physical exercises for the body. It helps in relaxing and de-stressing you. It will improve your focus and concentration and it will also help you change the way you think.

How long does it take to reap the benefit of powerful mindfulness techniques?

Akin to physical exercises it takes consistent practice to reap the benefit of powerful mindfulness techniques. Practising the technique consistently for 10 minutes a day will be of immense help in improving your cognitive ability.

What does lack of mindfulness mean?

You decide to go for a walk. Set out of your house and back. If you have noticed every incident that happened during your walk, your surroundings, and acknowledged the people you met on the way, you are absolutely mindful. But if you have not then you have not been mindful. Mindfulness is nothing but being aware and experiencing every bit of your present moment.

How does meditating with closed eyes help?

Meditating with closed eyes helps you focus on your breath, the thoughts that run through your mind, and the sensations in your body. It will relax your mind and de-stress you completely.

Can mindfulness be practised anywhere?

Some mindfulness techniques like meditation can be practised anywhere. Initially, it is better to practise meditation in a quiet place. You also have the advantage of meditating with earphones on to plug the surrounding noise when you are commuting as well.
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