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From The Expert: Celebrity Fitness Trainer on The Popular SOHFIT Challenge

We’re already a month (and a half) into the New Year, and it’s time to track that resolution of losing weight and being fit. If you’ve been snoozing your resolve of heading to the gym or packing that healthy salad for lunch, then you need to pay heed to this fitness trend that’s created an online buzz. Yes, of course, we’re talking about the #theSOHFIT40DayChallenge!

Like you, we also wanted to know more and so we got in touch with SOHFIT founder and the brainchild behind this amazing idea – Sohrab Khushrushahi (He has also trained Bollywood beauties like Alia Bhatt and Kiara Advani). Check out what he had to say:

Q. What was the idea behind SOHFIT?

Being a lawyer myself for 15 years, I know that life is full of stress and constraints, so we wanted to offer a program that doesn’t demand more than 40 mins of your day in the gym and doesn’t require fancy ingredients or supplements. Hence, when we started the Challenge, we wanted to bring people together and help them enjoy becoming fitter and healthier alongside one another, whilst also having access to our highly qualified coaches no matter where you are in the world. We also wanted to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to adopt what we believe is a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about good, clean, wholesome food and short but effective workouts that are suitable for any fitness level.

Q. So is it all about weight loss then?

We understand that weight loss is important – especially in the world we all live in – but, for us, the Challenge is all about creating a positive impact on people’s lifestyles, we walk each and every person through the process, hopefully leaving people feeling more positive about your relationship with food and exercise at the end of 40 Days. Last but not least, the goal of any SOHFIT Challenge is to kick-start a new healthier lifestyle. We see this as a new beginning and we want to give you the tools you need to make a long-term change to your life – and become the best you.


Q. Now we come to the technical aspects. How does it work exactly?

  1. It’s quite simple, let me explain:
  • It’s online: All you need is your phone to communicate with us via WhatsApp.
  • Easy training: You can be at any level of fitness as long as you have the desire to better yourself and change your lifestyle. The Challenge features carefully curated workouts that have been developed and rigorously tested by the SOHFIT team. Workouts are sent out daily with video tutorials, you complete them in your own time and we encourage you to share your videos so that you can be coached on form and performance. No gym? No worries! But you’ll still need some basic equipment at home including kettlebells and/or dumbbells, skipping rope and a bench, stool or a sturdy chair.
  • Clean eating: For 40 days we focus on good, simple, wholesome nutrition, as well as gradually quitting most forms of sugar. This is no fad diet! You will receive nutrition guidelines developed in partnership with a qualified nutritionist that aims to instill long-term lifestyle change. To guide you towards forming healthier eating habits, you will be given a list of Dos and Don’ts and over 100 recipes to complement your training, as well as hands-on coaching on how you can improve your eating habits.
  • Monitoring: You will be welcomed to our online community wherein we place you on an exclusive SOHFIT 40 Day WhatsApp group with other challengers, spearheaded by dedicated SOHFIT coaches who will guide you on a transformative journey. Our coaches personally track your nutrition and workouts, providing you with real-time feedback on your food and exercise as well as a detailed summary at the end of 40 days with suggestions for overall improvements going forward.

Q. What has been the people’s response to this?

  1. Over the past year or so, the response to the Challenge has been pretty overwhelming – we started out hoping to touch a few lives, but never expected to reach over 1000 people in such a meaningful way and so quickly. People seem to love the format – we keep it simple and the aim is to develop good habits that can be sustained in the long-term.

Q. While 40 days people might be disciplined, how do they sustain it?

  1. The Challenge is all about kick-starting a new, healthier lifestyle. We hope that you’ll leave the Challenge feeling confident that you have changed your habits for the better and can sustain them into the future. That said, we have a lot of people who come back for more Challenges or work with us one-on-one in our Online Coaching Programs.

Q. How does one sign up and when is the next challenge starting?

  1. The next Challenge starts on 16th March 2020, and you can sign up by connecting with my team on Instagram – SOHFIT or emailing them at info@sohfit.com.

Client Testimonials:

To understand more about the challenge, we connected with two of the thousands who took this challenge.

Vikramaditya Kukreja

He enthusiastically spoke to us, he said, “I started the challenge as a morbidly obese sugar addict. Sugar was my Kryptonite and Nutella was my poison. I’ve been struggling with my weight for over a decade or so with many hits and misses. Something always went wrong – from nutrition to injuries to workouts to my mental state. Something was off. I started #theSOHFIT40DayChallenge and 40 days down the line no sugar, no unhealthy food, not missed a single workout, not tempted to cheat or eat sugar, and most of all, loving the clean food I’ve been eating. Never knew I had it in me. I’m 14 kilos down in 40 days!”

Chinky Sainani

Resonating his thoughts, she said, “I lost 7 kgs and several inches, and it has brought about a whole new level of discipline in my life. It also focuses on community building and team spirit. Everyone on this challenge is building each other up on the WhatsApp groups to bring their A-game and that makes such a difference. This challenge has not only helped me physically but made me a stronger person mentally and emotionally.” https://www.instagram.com/p/BidefByFaTo/

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