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Tête-À-Tête: Story Of A COVID-19 Survivor

Over 2 million people have been tested positive with coronavirus around the world and the stats cannot match the real experience. To truly understand the experience a little better, you need to hear the story of coronavirus survivors. To know how exactly it feels like to be a COVID positive patient and what journey does a patient go through, Setu speaks to Emergency Medicine Worker from Los Angles, Nicole – A COVID-19 survivor.

Nicole was tested positive with COVID-19 sometime back. Soon after she was diagnosed, she was told to quarantine herself before the treatment could begin. Anxiety and fear had a firm grip on her and she was haunted with petrified thoughts about her health, as she was no stranger to the story of covid 19 survivors in her care. However, with the support of her friends and family, Nicole soon recovered from the condition and is now back to working at the hospital where she serves COVID-19 patients. While the story of COVID survivors like her can be terrifying, the story of corona survivors is also one of hope and luck as there have been over a million people who were less fortunate and succumbed to the virus. Hear her experience in her own words here.

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