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What’s So Fishy About Fish Oil Supplements?

Not everyone may be a fan of fish, but there sure are some amazing health benefits that they can provide. Fish oil, obtained from fatty fish, is packed with nutrients for the human body. Which is also why it is growing in popularity, especially with millennials. People are becoming more and more aware of its several health benefits – right from improving brain power, boosting joint health, and even giving a glow to the skin. However, a few may find something fishy about it!

Whether a delectable meal or a beneficial oil, fish do carry an after-taste and a peculiar smell, which may put off some people. However, you don’t have to deprive yourself of its multiple health benefits. Here we tell you all about this amazing nutrient and a way to enjoy it without the foul odor and taste.

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is loaded with vital nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. It is extracted from the tissues of oily fish like anchovies, herring, mackerel, and tuna. Generally, it contains about 30% omega-3 and a considerable amount of vitamin A and vitamin D that contribute to its beneficial properties.

Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

Supports Heart Health: Several studies have shown that fish oil can be beneficial for the heart . It is known to increase the levels of LDL (the good cholesterol) and lower triglycerides by about 15-30%. IT may also help reduce blood pressure and fatal arrhythmia events .

Helps Enhance Brain Function: 60% of our brain is made up of fats and most of it is omega-3. Therefore, omega-3 enriched fish oil is essential for the development and functioning of the brain . Interestingly, some studies suggest fish oil can reduce the symptoms and risks of certain mental disorders.

Aids In Weight Loss: Experts suggest that fish oil consumption in combination with a healthy diet might help reduce weight and manage obesity . This is because fish oil helps boost your metabolism, which can assist in burning calories more efficiently and at a faster rate.

Supports Eye Health: Adequate consumption of fish oil is considered to be good for eye health and effective in improving vision .

Reduces Inflammation: Although inflammation is your immune system’s way of fighting illnesses, chronic inflammation may be associated with diseases like arthritis. Fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for managing arthritis and other inflammatory-induced conditions .

Improves Skin Health: Omega-3 enriched fish oil can help improve the quality of your skin and provide protection against various skin conditions. There are studies that suggest skin diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis can benefit from fish oil supplements .

Improves Bone Health: Age and excessive stress on the bones tend to make the bones weaker. To improve the health of the bone, one can include fish oil in their diet. It is rich in omega-3 and vitamin D, both of which are significantly beneficial for bones. A small number of studies also suggest that fish oil supplements significantly reduce the number of elements that lead to bone breakdown, which may prevent various bone diseases .

Enjoying Fish Oil Benefits

For some, the benefits of the fish oil outweigh the taste and odor, but for those who cannot stand that peculiar taste, there is an alternative – supplements! Fish oil supplements offer the same health benefits minus the foul taste and odor. Fish oil supplements are often formulated using marine-sourced fish without contaminants such as mercury and other heavy metals.

Still skeptical and worried about the fishy burps? Don’t be, there are several supplements that claim no fishy burps after consumption.

We offer fish oil supplements that have no odor or after-taste, with equal amounts of potency. For instance, Setu Fish Oil is all-natural and contains 1,000 mg of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, DHA, and DPA. These are essential nutrients for a healthy heart and brain. These ‘good’ fats are shown to reduce triglycerides and can also enhance your mood and improve your brain health. Moreover, it is enriched with organic MCT oil to ensure superior absorption by the body. We also offer Triple Strength Fish Oil supplement which comes in a convenient, enteric-coated, and reflux reducing softgel. It also helps in optimizing the dosage of various Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, three times more than the average dosage. The fish oil we use for the formulation of these supplements is sustainably sourced and molecularly distilled from marine-sourced fish such as anchovy, cod, mackerel, and sardine. We also take utmost care to avoid contaminants like mercury and other heavy metals. We recommend that you have one softgel daily along with your breakfast or lunch. Consult your healthcare provider before you start this supplement.

Go on, get healthy with fish oil without worrying about the fishy burps and pungent odor.

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