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5 reasons why it’s SO hard to recover from a hangover as you age

Wine ages well, not humans… That’s the harsh reality that we all have to face, especially with the modern lifestyle we live. Long weekdays that cause a tremendous amount of mental & physical stress can sometimes lead to weekend binge-drinking or daily drinking.

5 reasons why it’s SO hard to recover from a hangover as you age

Wine ages well, not humans… That’s the harsh reality that we all have to face, especially with the modern lifestyle we live. Long weekdays that cause a tremendous amount of mental and physical stress can sometimes lead to weekend binge-drinking or a glass of wine daily. And unlike those good ‘young’ days, it’s tougher for you to deal with hangovers. Headaches, nausea, laziness and of course, work – these are just a few of the many things that you have to deal with when hangovers get worse with age.

Copious amounts of alcohol can cause severe liver damage both, in the long and short run. The liver has to process chemical insults ranging from treating toxins in the diet to dealing with pollution, in addition to many other functions, such as synthesis of proteins and enzymes critical for the whole body.

Hangovers would probably be the best indicator of why age and alcohol have an inverse relationship. And as you age, it’s always better to stay cautious instead of taking it easy because things just get more complicated. While there’s still a debate about why we get hangovers in the first place, there are a few obvious answers too.

There are several changes in your metabolism that affect your central nervous system. Your brain and liver are also more sensitive to toxins from alcohol. So always drink in moderation, which will otherwise come naturally if you don’t pay attention to your habits… Here’s a study that might convince you, if we haven’t.

Here are 5 reasons why are hangovers worse when you get older


Your liver can't cope with your debauchery

“When you’re young, you have a lot of plasticity in how you respond to things that are toxic. You lose some of that as you get older.” – George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

As you get older, you realize that your recovery process takes longer. Your muscles and bones start weakening and you get joint pains. A common cold may take longer to recover from then when you were old. It also takes a larger toll on your body. Similarly, for your liver too, things become more difficult. For example, if your liver can handle one drink per hour but you drink more than that, the side effects of a hangover like a headache, nausea, etc will kick in. As research suggests, this doesn’t mean that you don’t recover at all, but not half as fast as you would otherwise.

So before you have ‘Nights that you won’t remember with friends that you won’t forget’, remember your liver. It’s high time you start loving and caring for it.


Your body weight matters

Your body weight may change over a period of time. This change in weight can also affect the recovery process from alcohol. Body weight directly affects the alcohol distribution in your blood and may even increase the blood levels. Basically, if you’ve lost weight, the distribution is more limited and causes intoxication faster, leading to a guaranteed hangover. On the other hand, if you’ve put on a few pounds, the distribution is more, leading to a higher tolerance & ergo greater consumption.

Either way, it takes a toll on your body. Some studies also suggest that the percentage of body fat dictates the intensity of the hangover.


Your medication is not the best mixer

With age comes complexity and it is clearly evident in older people. You suddenly start taking so many pills every day to ensure your body functions properly, to reduce stress & even overcome pain faster. These medications have several compounds that may negatively affect your body when they are overexposed to alcohol. So before you sip on your next drink, ask your GP if your medication will cause any problems. Medications that might cause issues are anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines and blood thinners. Read more about it here.


Have you been a regular drinker?

Did you start drinking early? Do you drink every day or heavily every weekend? Is darker alcohol your choice of drink? If so, then there is definitely a higher chance that you will take way longer to recover from drinking. The earlier you start drinking the more the problems. Underage drinking sometimes even leads to impairment of cognitive function. Besides that, you start suffering from other problems too like depression. Another Dutch Study also showed that lighter alcohol doesn’t give you that bad of a hangover when compared to darker alcohol. So try stalling your next drink as much as you can. It may change the way your body recovers.


You experience a tremendous lifestyle change

When you’re young, your lifestyle is way more cushioned. You get to eat & drink as and when you want to without facing several difficulties. You can also afford to do that since you don’t have any responsibilities as such. But as you grow older, things change. You are answerable to different people, you have so much more stress & above all, a fast-paced life. This too plays an important role in your recovery. With so many things on your plate, it becomes more & more difficult to manage recovery from drinking.

In any case, if you like drinking but still want a healthy liver, we recommend you take daily natural supplements that contain essential nutrients that you aren’t getting from your diet. Given today’s food supply where the nutrient density is declining and toxins are increasing, supplementation can be sometimes the only option. Dietary supplementation is a must in today’s deficient food circumstances and pollutive environment. With health worries what is the other option? Go to a doctor, get a script, go to a pharmacy and then put something in your body that is not naturally occurring and could be toxic in the long run.

We recommend taking Setu Liver Lift because unlike ordinary liver formulations that only contain insignificant amounts of silymarin, Setu Liver Lift contains the highest bioavailable silymarin and the crucial low molecular weight thiol glutathione and NAC, as well as alpha lipoic acid (ALA), biotin and selenium.

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