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8 Small Leaps for Giant Steps in Losing Weight

Make small changes like stretching, portion control, being mindful, and having dietary supplements to get great results in your weight loss journey.

The weighing scale can be the scariest thing for someone trying to lose those extra inches and get in shape (Halloween costume idea!?). As the indicator shows an unfavorable result, you may be tempted to try fad diets and aggressive workouts. But that is not a healthy road to pick; instead, you need to adopt these simple and easy tricks for your daily regime.

Here are some easy weight loss tips that will maximize the results of your weight loss routines and will help you lose weight fast.

Portion, Por Favor

You’ve been diligently skipping out on that delicious burger and sticking to your salads, even eating a small meal every two hours, but have you checked the quantity of the dish? You need to control the portions of even the healthy items; it’s true! Be careful of ‘how much’ you’re having each time you eat, this will help you consume only as per your hunger and nutritional needs. Ask your dietician about portions ideal for your body type and get some tips on portion control too.

Be Present, Slow Down

The weight-loss journey is as much mental as it is physical. Your mind plays a huge role in building your health. Trick your brain to believe that it is eating tasty food, and it will help curb your temptations. First off, whether you’re at the office or home, pick one spot (and preferably one time) where you eat every day and stick to it. Sit down and eat slowly without a screen distracting you, chat with people around you, or simply enjoy the silence. Give your body time to register that it is being nourished and full, cherish each bite whether a salad or a cheat dessert. If you’re someone who eats on-the-go, try relishing your light meal without phones and chew each bite well. Also, try and avoid processed foods as much as possible because they might feel light, but will contribute to weight gain and all your hard work will go in vain.

Move It Move It

Workout forms an important part of weight loss. However, it is not the only physical activity you need. Get moving, whether it is for a short walk with colleagues after lunch, doing jumping jacks while watching your favorite show, walking to the grocery store instead of taking a two or four-wheeler, or simply stretch for 30 seconds, every two hours. If you are willing to do some intense workout you can opt for aerobic exercise or resistance training. It will make you feel refreshed and prepare your mind for your daily exercises.

Plate Size Does Matter

Your eyes need to convey to your mind that you are having a full, heavy meal. Plus, you tend to eat more if extra food is served on the plate. Opt for smaller plates and bowls than your usual crockery size and fill it up with freshly made items. It will ensure that you eat less without feeling hungry. This is perhaps, the easiest and one of the best ways to lose weight.

Just Journal It

Diary-writing is a huge part of being mentally fit, and creating a food journal is essential for physical fitness. Keeping track of what and when you eat, helps you understand your body as well as its needs and cravings. Use apps like Bon Happetee to note the exact times during the day or the month that you crave comfort food. It offers personalized data analysis of your nutritional needs and eating habits. Additionally, it can help the doctor check if your cravings are due to something serious such as underlying diseases or vitamin deficiency.

Keep Fruits Handy

Heard of – out of sight, out of mind? Don’t let that happen to healthy foods. Keep a beautiful tray of fruits, a bottle of water, or a fat-free snack in your line of sight while working and you are more likely to take a bite. This simple weight control tip will not only help you lose those extra kilos but will also help you improve your overall health.

Skip The Dip

Mayonnaise, ketchup, and spicy sauce; dips make almost any food item better. But they are a big downer for those looking to lose inches. A great alternative would be to make a batch of your favorite dip at home and carry it to work. This way you can ensure it is not processed and made without excessive butter, cheese or sugar.

Get Lean with Natural Extracts

There is no magic pill to lose weight overnight, but a few supplements like the Setu Lean Lite and Setu L-Carnitine help curb your appetite and reduce body fat. These include herbal extracts from Garcinia cambogia, Green Tea, and Green Coffee Bean that aid in healthy weight management by increasing your basic metabolism. Have it along with your daily meals, and it will make you feel fresher and lighter.

These were some of the easy ways to lose weight. However, it is essential to remember that the weight loss journey is a tough one and it takes time to lose all that fat. Therefore, be patient, give yourself some time and eventually, you’ll start seeing the results for yourself.

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