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Are You A Serial Binge Watcher? Break The Habit

Sitting in front of the TV, munching on popcorn and watching your favorite show is ideal for a lazy Sunday. But if you often find yourself guilty of iterating ‘just one more episode’ far too often (till the wee hours of the morning), it might be a problem. A scroll through Reddit’s forums will reveal that ‘how to stop binge watching Netflix shows?’ is one of the most commonly asked questions. So, you’re not alone, but let’s not just take comfort in our shared plight.

Besides, this routine of watching multiple episodes, and then feeling guilty can be physically and mentally exhausting along with damaging your eyes in the long run. Additionally, the harmful blue light from screens can tire your eyes and affect your ocular health in the long run. So, instead of simply asking how to stop binge watching, you need to take steps to actually address the problem. To help get started, here are some practical tips on how to stop binge watching TV series. But, before we jump into the solutions, let’s first get a little more clarity on the problem.

Are You Addicted To Online Streaming?

Due to the lack of a better word, the term ‘addiction’ is in use to describe the problematic use of digital devices, which includes binge-watching . It is a rather new phenomenon that affects kids, teens and adults alike, across the globe. The following are some early signs of screen addiction that you’d want to look for :

  • The time you spend with your device surpasses everything else
  • Screen time interferes with your daily routine
  • You lose interest in other activities
  • Socializing is no longer an exciting activity for you
  • You are unable to focus on other things
  • You’d rather spend time binging shows than doing anything productive or talking to loved ones
  • You often feel fatigued and tired after watching shows online

If you relate to this, it is time you snap out and take urgent action to stop binge watching those shows. Here are a few ideas that can help:

Set An Alarm

Decide how much time you want to spend watching a show, then set the alarm accordingly. Keep it behind the TV or at a distance from you. When you do this, you have to get up from your cozy place to turn off the alarm. This will create a temporary distraction and will remind you that you ought to shut the screen. You can keep a human alarm in the form of friends or family to remind you to turn off your device and stop binge watching.

Turn Off Autoplay

The episode you were watching has ended, and before you turn off the screen, the next episode begins. A simple way to avoid this is to turn off the autoplay feature. You’ll easily find an option in the settings of the app or site you use. If you don’t, you can easily Google it. This should probably be the first thing you do if you seriously want to know how to stop binge watching any web series.

Entertain Yourself In Other Ways

Find other ways of entertainment. For as long as you solely depend on an online streaming site, you’ll have a tough time stopping it. Find a hobby or a new project to do. Sign up for a class to learn something new. Try exploring yourself a little and find something you love and enjoy doing. Once you discover that ‘something’, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and all the other online streaming platforms will take a back seat .

Set A Timer For The WiFi

Set a timer for your WiFi to go off at a time when you think you need to do something more productive. This way, you will have to move from in front of your digital device, and do what you planned. The ideal time of doing it would be the night. It will eliminate your chances of getting distracted by your favorite shows’ updates and other internet-related phenomena and will leave you no option but to sleep soundly .

Kill The Problem Itself

If you cannot control your urge to binge your favorite shows, go cold turkey. Stop the subscriptions of all your streaming sites, delete the apps, and reclaim your life. While it might seem tough, keep a healthy replacement ready. This includes hobbies, meeting friends (in person or on video calls), listening to music and even home chores.

Look Out For Mental Health Issues

You may not realize it, but your binge-watching habit may be a sign of escaping or denying a deeper problem. While on the other hand, it can also lead to mental health issues like loneliness, anxiety, and even depression. Therefore, if you feel you’re spending a lot of time binging shows and watching movies, try talking to someone. Address the problem and speak to a friend, write your thoughts in a journal or meditate. You can also seek professional help to understand this better . If you’re desperate to find a way on how to stop binge watching, but just can’t manage, this is your best bet.

Caring For Your Eyes When Binge Watching

We understand the importance of entertainment. An episode of a trending show after a long day is pure bliss. However, too much exposure to the screen can lead to eye problems. So, here are some tips to protect your eyes while you spend time on digital screens .

  • Reduce glare by adjusting the brightness of the screen, light in the room, or by wearing a pair of anti-glare glasses
  • Take breaks in the middle and hydrate yourself
  • Limit your screen time
  • Blink often to refresh your eyes
  • Opt for supplements like Setu Lutein Gummies and Setu Eye Max that can help improve your eye health and protect from blue rays emitted by screens. These supplements are enriched with ‘eye vitamin’ lutein, which is known to protect eyes against blue light. Additionally, they moisturize the eyes and help improve sleep quality. You can have as a tablet (Eye Max) or a delicious gummy (Lutein Gummies), available in red-grape flavor.
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