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Foods You Must Avoid To Get Glowing Skin

We have all heard of the old adage, “you are what you eat.” This simple yet profound statement is true, especially when it comes to our skin. It’s safe to say that our diet plays a massive role in our skin’s overall health and texture. Sure, there are tons of creams and products out there that promise to keep your skin healthy and glowing, but nothing affects your skin as much as the food you eat.

Other factors like lifestyle and genetics also impact your skin’s appearance, but what you consume is responsible for your skin’s health. Whatever you eat has a direct effect on the quality of your skin – whether it becomes glowing and radiant or dull and lifeless. The good news about this is that you can hack your way to healthy skin by avoiding certain foods! Here are some foods you should avoid to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

1. Deep-Fried Foods

Although many of us like to binge on deep-fried foods, it’s a no-brainer that these types of foods are bad for your skin. The high oil content in these foods promotes premature ageing while also contributing to other negative effects like clogged pores, which can cause acne.

2. Carbonated Beverages/Soda

Many of us enjoy a nice glass of soda or cold drinks in the summer. As refreshing as they may taste, you should avoid cold drinks if you’re striving for good skin. They’re full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and flavours, which contribute to inflammation inside the body, which manifests as blemishes on your skin. Cold drinks also interfere with the healthy bacteria in your gut, which can aggravate acne problems.

3. Coffee

Coffee is enjoyed all over the world, and many of us can’t do without it. It’s our pick-me-up in the morning or evening when we need that boost of energy. However, you should try to limit your coffee intake as the high caffeine content in coffee also acts as a diuretic. This means that it makes your body lose high amounts of water, contributing to dehydrated, tired skin, and dark circles.

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4. Tinned/Preserved Foods

A lot of us, especially busy moms and students, swear by canned and packaged foods – frozen meat, soups, etc. They’re convenient and easy to prepare. But are you willing to sacrifice the health of your skin in the name of convenience? Tinned and preserved foods contain high amounts of sodium, which makes your skin bloated and dry by retaining water.

5. Processed Carbohydrates

White bread, pasta, white rice, baked goods all fall under the category of processed carbohydrates which have a low glycemic index. Your body breaks down these types of foods easily, and they turn into sugar. This causes your body’s insulin levels to spike, which in turn causes acne. The excess sugar from processed carbohydrates also degrades the collagen and elastin in your skin, which reduces your skin’s firmness and elasticity, causing it to age rapidly.

6. Salty Foods

Indian cuisine has an array of salty foods we all enjoy, be it pickles, chanas, or papads. The high salt content in these types of foods can have a severe negative impact on your skin. Too much salt or sodium can dehydrate your skin while also causing bloating and puffiness. It can also cause patchy and irritated skin and, even worse, deplete your skin’s collagen levels and promote premature ageing! Hence, it’s best to enjoy these foods in moderation.

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7. Alcohol

It’s no surprise that alcohol is bad for your skin. Just like coffee, it’s a diuretic, which means that it makes your body flush out excess urine and salt, leaving your skin dehydrated. Alcohol also affects the cellular regenerating properties of your skin, which leads to puffiness, dark patches, broken blood vessels, and fine lines, especially when consumed in excess.

8. Spicy Foods

Almost the entire population of our country indulge themselves with spicy food. Spicy food is no doubt, a hallmark of Indian cuisine. The bad news, however, is that spicy food can trigger certain skin conditions such as rosacea. The chemical compound capsaicin, which is found in spicy food causes blood vessels to dilate which makes your skin flush. Hence, spicy foods too are best enjoyed in moderation if you want to avoid your skin from flaring up.

The Verdict

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It’s an indicator of your overall health. It’s important to nourish your body from within to achieve healthy and glowing skin. You should take great measures to avoid the foods listed above and opt for healthy, antioxidant-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, and yogurt, which keep your skin youthful and healthy. Other factors such as leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep plays an important part in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

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