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Still feeling tired after a good night's sleep?

‘In-touch’ is the way to be, as we spend endless hours gaping at our smartphones/ tablets/ computer screens. We are furiously attempting to keep in touch with current trends, friends dotting different parts of the globe and signing contracts worth a million bucks!

Still feeling tired after a good night's sleep?

‘In-touch’ is the way to be, as we spend endless hours gaping at our smartphones/ tablets/ computer screens. We are furiously attempting to keep in touch with current trends, friends dotting different parts of the globe, and signing contracts worth a million bucks! All this and a lot more, out of a gadget sized an approximate 3 * 6 inches. We are so gripped by the lucrative vices of technology that we don’t realize how every morning we wake up feeling tired after you had a good night sleep, SLUGGISHLY making our way to work/college.

University days were ‘easy peasy’! One could laze around for hours reading books, and mooching around the telly! Yet we were fit as fiddles! I am speaking of an era when life was a lot simpler, and the blasphemous blue light from screens didn’t make its daunting presence felt.

The only time we found ourselves torn and marooned between books and notes was during exam time. Maslow’s hierarchical theory invaded our dreams, the order of which made no sense, which in turn made you think ‘i get a good night’s sleep but still tired’.

But what happens the moment you step out of university? Competition slaps you in the face. You’ve come in terms with underlining predicaments such as performance gratification, deadlines, and deliverance. Which in turn heightens your status, making you feel like a money magnet, with a glorious social life! It becomes imperative for one to dot all I’s and cross all T’s to make one’s mark. Suddenly the hierarchical theory of Maslow starts making complete sense!

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One advantageously harnesses technology to excel (which by now has taken a quantum leap in terms of development). Prolonged hours are spent in front of the screen discounting on sleep! Current reports reveal a steady rise in insomnia cases. Victims have complained of finding themselves suddenly jolting up in the middle of a sleep cycle in the attempt to reach for their phones to check on the number of likes they have received on social media or tap on the last message they received while they dozed off. Teenagers as young as 14, are inflicted by the evil of insomnia. Studies reveal this is owing to the prolonged screen exposure. The blue light emitted from screen discounts on one’s sleep, giving rise to an array of lifestyle diseases. The diseases get intensified with every passing year reducing the average lifespan of a human being.


Hence it is considered ideal to ditch your electronics just before you hit the haystack. Get some sound sleep with the help of a physical book (not the kindle/reader). Do consider checking on your diet! Cut on the sugar and junk. Try going organic! Keep the caffeine and tannins at bay just before you hit the bed.

Physically tire yourself before you call it a day. Regiment your routine by including some exercise or sport.

We’d all like to spice our lives but it is important to keep the spice at bay, just before we go to bed. This will help you keep from heartburns which are most likely to act up whilst we are in the middle of deep sleep.

Accord your physical environment to your comfort. Keep your room dark and cool/warm, and try using white noise (the rhythm of a flowing river, or the sound of a chugging train) before you go to bed.

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But life cannot wait, and the show must go on! Hence what is the ideal way to fix this glitch? The glitch involving dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, and perhaps even eye pressure. Apart from abiding by the regulatory measures concerning diet and exercise one must also up the intake on comprehensive eye complexes such as EyeMax. The drug comprises two concentrated carotenoids namely Lutein and Zeaxanthin. The supplements can be consumed daily to arrest any eye-related ailment in the future to avoid feeling tired after a good night sleep.

The concentrated carotenoids help enliven tired eyes from any sort of dehydration and itchiness. It also helps form a protective shield defending the eyes from exposure to the harmful UV rays, and blue light. The drug combines other essential extracts that help enhance vision (especially night vision) Carotenoids are naturally produced in humans on the ingestion of green leafy vegetables, plants, and certain categories of fats too. While regular consumption of carotenoids (in the form of fruit, vegetables, and a certain category of fats) is good it produces the same gradually. Supplements such as EyeMax catalyze the production of carotenoids protecting vision without coming in the way of one’s lifestyle. Stop yourself from feeling tired even after a good night sleep and harness the benefits of science to enhance your health and not disfigure your beautiful self. Do remember good health is a key to wealth and a great life.

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