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Wellness Technology: The Latest Wellness Trends In One Place

Technology has made everything so easy for us. Want food? Click a button! Want something new? Click a button! Want your room lights to go off? Clap, snap, or just ask your digital assistant to do it for you. Technology advancements have made life easy but they’ve also made it sedentary to a large extent, which has contributed to the rising numbers of lifestyle diseases. Don’t get us wrong – using those cool gadgets for your convenience isn’t bad at all, but just like how technology is getting smart, we need to get smarter!

The tech industry has already stepped into the health and wellness niche making amazing innovations that can help you become more mindful, healthy and fit. There are so many new fitness gadgets that will help you maintain your health and keep track of your progress. Sometimes, it may even get a little overwhelming to keep up with the trending or ‘cool fitness gadgets’. Read on to find out about the top trends and the best fitness gadgets in the well-tech industry.

Equipment And Accessories

Smart Mat: Gone are the days of using regular yoga mats. There are new mats in the market known as Smart Mats – yoga mats that monitor your yoga postures, recognize when a yoga pose is incorrect, and automatically provide the right information to correct it to help improve your form . It’s hard to imagine fitness gadgets getting any smarter!

3 in 1 Blood Pressure Monitor: When you’re on the go and need to measure your blood pressure, this is the device you need. It is stylish, elegant, and can measure your blood pressure, record your ECG and detect valvular heart disease, making it one of the most useful fitness gadgets that actually works. Readings are instant but the app also gives professional recommendations and makes it easy to track your measurements .

Wearable Gadgets

Smartwatch: When it comes to smart fitness accessories, it doesn’t get much better than this. ScanWatch is the most advanced fitness watch to date. Due to the state-of-the-art medical technology incorporated into its design, it does novel things like tracking heartbeat irregularities and measuring blood oxygen saturation during sleep other than the usual smartwatch features. It boasts a 30-day battery life and is water-resistant up to 50 meters .

Bioscarf: A smarter and more elegant alternative to the regular air pollution masks, BioScarf is as much a fashion statement as it is an air filtration device that lowers the risk of respiratory health problems. This device offers protection against pollutants, and infections thanks to its special built-in N95 air filter which strains more than 94 percent of contaminants out of the atmosphere . In our age of pandemics, this is probably one of the best fitness gadgets to have.

Electronic Posture Reminder: This could be one of the best gifts for yourself or a loved one, because there are few smart fitness gadgets that are as useful. Most of us have postural problems that lead to lower back and neck pain in time, especially now that we’re working from home and are often slouched over. This fitness gadget is worn on the back and vibrates when your posture is incorrect .

Lifestyle Products

SteriPEN Ultra Water Purifier: For people who love traveling but cannot afford to drink impure water and get sick, this is a reliable travel companion. It is a small pen-like device that uses ultraviolet light to destroy 99.9% of all the harmful bacteria, organisms, and viruses that can exist in water .

Smart Self-Cleaning Water Bottle: This beats all the reusable water bottles in the market hands down. It is an exquisite stainless steel device that not only purifies your drinking water in 60 seconds but cleans itself every two hours or anytime you click the button.


Plant-Based Meats: A popularly increasing alternative to meat is plant-based meat for people who are looking to get the same amount of nutrition without having to consume meat. There are various types of plant-based meat, but they’re mostly made of extracted plant protein or whey protein, spices, and binding agents. Additionally, these have more fiber and lesser amounts of cholesterol than meat .

Nutrition Supplements As Gummies: Gummies are the new cool in the nutraceutical industry. It is safe to consider them as a more “fun” alternative to the tablet/capsule version of supplements as they are tastier and come in a variety of interesting flavors. Unlike tablets, gummies are chewable and can be taken on the go just as you may pop in chocolate. Speaking of popping chocolates, gummies can also serve as a healthier alternative for your sweet tooth. We, too, have some healthy gummies as part of our product suite. We have Lutein Gummies that provide superior eye protection from harmful blue light in today’s digital age, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies to support weight loss and digestive health, and Turmerich Gummies that help in boosting immunity and improving skin health. All these gummies are made of natural ingredients, therefore come with no known side effects.

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