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Setu Store: Setu Nutrition

Are you looking for supplements that can provide a solution to your health issues? Be it any issues connected with heart, bones and joints, mind, sleep, skin, hair, etc., the Setu Store: Setu Nutrition has a product to deal with the particular issue. There are various products under each category, and you can choose according to your requirement.

You can go through the label and ensure that there isn’t any ingredient you are allergic to before making the purchase. Also, you should go through the review of the product you intend to buy for efficacy.

The various supplement categories available at the Setu Store are given below.

#1. Setu heart health supplements

Setu heart health supplements are made of natural ingredients and are generally plant-based, except for the supplement under this category made of fish oil. The products are GMP-certified and do not have any side effects. Setu heart health supplements are deliciously flavoured.

The supplements are available in the form of capsules and tablets. The recommended dosage is either one tablet or capsule daily with a meal.

Setu heart health supplements not only boost heart health but also help in improving brain and joint health. They also reduce inflammation and boost skin health by retaining moisture.

The various supplements available under this category are:

#2. Setu supplements for hair growth

Setu supplements for hair growth at the Setu Store are 100% plant-based and are made from Stevia Extract. It is ideal for vegans as it is dairy-free. Made from natural ingredients, this supplement is safe to use without any side effects. Setu supplements comprise naturally-extracted biotin and promote hair growth. It strengthens the scalp by improving blood circulation. It makes your hair lustrous, thick, and shiny. With its antioxidant-rich formula, the supplement prevents hair fall.

There is only one product under this category

#3. Setu supplements for mind health

There is a list of products available at the Setu Store under this category. Each product is fortified with different ingredients that support mind health. You can choose the product that suits you the best.

Setu supplements for mind health are made of an all-natural neuroprotective formula that supports cognitive performance. The supplements are available in lemon and mixed berry flavours. They are clinically verified and made of ingredients that help improve mental clarity and focus, especially when you are multitasking.

The various products under this category are

#4. Setu supplements for skin health

The products under this category are made of natural ingredients, GMP-certified and are sugar-free. Consuming supplements under this category will not add up to your calories. The products are powered by a rejuvenating formula rich in antioxidants and collagen that gives you glowing and healthy skin naturally. They detoxify your liver and enhance your radiance, improve skin elasticity and fight wrinkles and pigmentation from within.

The products available at the Setu Store under this category are:

#5. Setu Weight Loss Supplements

If you are struggling to shed those extra pounds to look fit and strong, Setu Weight Loss Supplements will find the solution for you. Setu Weight Loss Supplements are fortified with ingredients that not only increase satiety, reduce intake of calories, and promote weight loss but also improve gut health and overall digestion.

They detoxify your body by balancing the stomach pH. They also improve metabolism and help reduce visceral fat. You should choose the product from the collection under the category at Setu Store, depending on your weight loss goal.

The products available under this category are

#6. Setu Immunity Supplements

Has falling sick often taken a toll on your career or studies and your day-to-day activities? Improve your immunity to overcome the issue with an array of Setu Immunity Supplements available at the Setu Store.

Setu Immunity Supplements are available in the form of fizz tablets, strips, and shots. They are easy to consume. These supplements are easily absorbed, sugar-free and ideal for vegans as they are dairy-free. They fight against inflammation and also boost the immune system. Setu Immunity Supplements are fortified with powerful natural ingredients like curcumin, Zinc, Vitamin C and black pepper extract. The immunity supplements collection by Setu has the following variants with different formulas to suit the requirements of their diverse clientele.

The products available under the Setu Immunity Supplements are

#7. Setu Eye Health Supplements

Do your eyes hurt due to constant exposure to blue light? You can be relieved of eye issues with Setu Eye Supplements. There are variants under the eye supplements collection at the Setu Store from which you can select to suit your requirement.

Setu Eye Health Supplements are made from patented ingredients that are 100% plant-based. The Setu Eye Health Supplements formula consists of ingredients like Curcumin, Lutemax@2020, and Veg. Vitamin D3 and Black Pepper Extract. These supplements protect you from the harm of blue light. The supplements will improve your visual performance and help maintain eye health.

They retain the moisture in the eyes and help healthy tear production. The most important feature of these supplements is that they are clinically verified and safe to use without any side effects. The following are the products listed under the eye health collection.

#8. Setu Sleep Supplements

Are you unable to have an undisturbed sleep? Do you feel tired and uncomfortable during the day due to a lack of sleep? Calm your mind and feel relaxed to get deep sleep by consuming Setu Sleep Supplements. You have products with different compositions under the collection to widen the choice for you.

Setu sleep supplements are available in the form of tablets, strips and gummies and are easy to consume. Setu sleep supplements are made of patented ingredients and are clinically verified, act fast and are safe to use. The ingredients in the supplements include melatonin, L-tryptophan, magnesium oxide, Vitamin B6, Jatamansi extract, L-theanine, chamomile, and passion flower.

All these ingredients are sleep-inducing and help you sleep faster. These supplements help you deal with jet lag, daytime sleepiness, and grogginess. The advantage of Setu sleep supplements is that it is non-habit forming, and you can stop them once your sleep cycle is restored.

The various products available under the sleep supplements collection are

#9. Setu Bone Health Supplements

Are you prone to fractures easily? Is your bone health deteriorating? Dealing with these issues at the preliminary stages by consuming supplements that source the nutrients to strengthen your bones will be of great help. Setu Bone Health Supplements is the ideal choice for you.

Setu bone health supplements have the goodness of curcumin combined with MCT oil. The ingredients in the supplements are all-natural and safe to use as they do not contain any additives. The formula adopted for the bone health supplements collection is scientifically backed and clinically verified. The powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients help boost skin health and maintain bone health. These supplements are bioavailable and enter the bloodstream instantly to provide optimum benefit.

The product under this category is

#10. Setu Gut Health Supplements

Do you have mood swings because of a bad stomach? Does your digestive disorder hamper your day-to-day activities? A happy tummy is key to overall health and a pleasant mood. Keep your tummy and mood in order with Setu Gut Health Supplements.

Setu Gut Health Supplements are made of 9 probiotic strains and 15 billion CFUs that promote your gut health and strengthen your immune system. With Setu gut health supplements, you can keep your stomach issues at bay to remain in a good mood always.

These supplements relieve symptoms of constipation by enhancing the frequency of bowel movements. The load on the kidney will be reduced by removing the toxic waste from the intestine. Setu gut health supplement is 100% vegetarian and safe to use.

The product available at the Setu Store for gut health is

#11. Setu Sugar Control Supplements

Do your sugar levels keep fluctuating between low and high? You need to regulate your blood sugar levels to keep away from various other issues that surface. Setu Sugar Control Supplement, which is a combination of three different supplements comprising ingredients that help in overall health along with managing the sugar levels, will be of great help to you.

The Setu Sugar Control Supplements help in maintaining healthy sugar and insulin levels. You will be provided with a combination of 3 products, i.e., Setu Alpha Lipoic Acid, Setu: Turme Rich and Setu Tummy: Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. The powerful ingredients that help in managing blood sugar and insulin levels, along with improving blood circulation, are all-natural and safe to use.

The ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Turme Extract Curcuwin, and Apple Cider Vinegar. You can also get a one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist from the Setu team on purchasing the supplement.

The Setu Combo: Sugar Control under the Setu Sugar Control collection comprises

#12. Setu Detox Supplements

Are you feeling low on energy, having digestive issues and falling sick often? A detox treatment with Setu Detox supplement is what you need at the moment. Setu Detox Supplement is a combination of 3 efficient products designed by Setu to resolve these issues collectively.

The Setu detox supplements available in the form of detox essentials are a combination of alpha lipoic tablets, curcumin capsules, and apple cider vinegar gummies. These detox pills collectively help detoxify the liver so that bodily functions improve. These detox supplements aid the body in rejuvenating, regenerating, and healing all by itself.

They detoxify the body by balancing the stomach pH. These supplements are made of 100 % plant-based ingredients that include alpha lipoic acid, turmeric extract (curcumin), and apple cider vinegar. These supplements are also prebiotics that helps improve gut and overall digestive health.

The Setu Detox Supplements comprise the products given below:

#13. Setu Sports Supplements

Is your performance during strenuous sports training or bodybuilding training affected due to low stamina levels? Improve your performance by boosting your stamina and endurance with Setu Sports Supplements.

Setu provides a wide range of sports supplements that can be purchased online at the Setu Store. These supplements are made to help muscle recovery, and promote strength, endurance, performance, and muscle growth. They also help in alleviating post-workout muscle soreness and damage. Setu sports supplements are 100% plant-based, vegetarian, and sugar-free. They are USA FDA approved and are safe to consume. The ingredients in the Setu Sports Supplements are peas and rice brown protein, electrolytes, BCAA, Setu Herbal Recovery Blend comprising Ashwagandha, Curcumin and Gingever, Digezyme, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Beetroot extract, Mucuna pruriens Extract, Beetroot juice powder, and Enxtra.

The variants under the sports nutrition collection are:


Is it safe to use Setu Supplements?

Setu supplements are 100% plant-based, and the formula is scientifically-backed, GMP-certified and clinically verified. They are safe to use and without any side effects.

How long should the Setu supplements be taken to notice the difference?

You should use the Setu supplements for a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks to notice the difference.

What areas of health do the Setu supplements work on?

Setu has a wide range of products under different categories. The categories are skin health, heart health, sports, eye health, bones and joints health, immunity boost, hair growth, brain health, detox, sugar control, gut health, sleep, and weight management.

Where can you get these supplements?

All the products mentioned are available at the Setu Store, which you can access online through their website www.setu.com. The products will be delivered to your doorstep. Additionally, you can avail yourself of the discounts and offers announced by the Company from time to time.

How do you check the efficacy of the supplements?

Customer reviews about the various products are the best proof of efficacy. Go through the reviews and opt to buy only when you are convinced about the efficacy.