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The Lockdown Series: Key 3 - Unlock Your Creativity

The lockdown may seem like the end of the world for you now, but it’s just a pause. This will eventually pass and things will return to normal, or at least to some version of it. When you eventually venture back out into the world, wouldn’t it be great if you had something to show other than the added pounds? Instead of whining about the pandemic now, just as you whined about the lack of time before, how about trying to get some creative juices flowing? Despite what you may think, we’re all endowed with some amount of creativity, whether it’s writing, drawing, sculpting, calligraphy, gardening, carpentry, or composing music. There really never has been a better time to explore your talents and find a way to express yourself creatively. Besides, creative pursuits are great for your mental health, stimulating the brain, and relieving stress, anxiety, and negativity.

In the first two parts of this series, we spoke about unlocking mindfulness and our emotional quotient. Today, we’ll talk about unlocking the third key – creativity.

Delving Deeper Into Creativity

Do you remember all the masterpieces you created, as a child? When young, we were all creative and eager to explore the world and find inspiration around us. We were even encouraged to express our creativity. Being creative as a child provided us with great opportunities and praise. Sadly, we tend to leave that part of ourselves behind as we grow up and are burdened with responsibilities.

To deal with times like these, it is important to learn ways to stay creative during covid 19. It’ll not only help us stay positive and distracted, but will also help us cope with pandemic stress and anxiety in a healthy manner.

Just remember, creativity isn’t only limited to being artistic. There are various ways to be creative during covid 19. For instance, you can find innovation for a work-related issue or discover a fresh perspective when you are introspecting during the quarantine. Did you know that networking with people, questioning and even finding new avenues for work can be creative? In fact, the idea of ‘jugaad’, a popular Indian term also falls into the same category. We are all inherently creative, so it’s best to keep your mind open to new thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Here’s how to be creative in lockdown during quarantine.

Pick Up A New Skill

It’s no secret that most of us spend a considerable amount of time on our phones simply scrolling through Instagram images of makeup, photography, artistic videos, and so much more. Some of us even make it a habit to save DIY instructions, thinking we’ll get to it later, only to forget about it. Well, you don’t need to wait anymore. Now is the time to hone your skills as ways to stay creative during covid 19.

Aside from experimenting and trying fun projects that you couldn’t find time for before, you can use this time to learn new skills that you always wanted to. Get a new hobby, explore your creative side. Teach yourself a new language, or learn something that could help you at work, whether it’s a brand new skill or a software to improve efficiency and time management.

You could also learn some tips to be skillful during coronavirus related to household skills like cooking and gardening. Experiment with food and make completely new, exciting dishes at home, since you can’t go to your local restaurants. Be creative with everything around you.

Invest Time To Hone Your Passion

Your hobbies may have taken the backseat since you took on the responsibilities of a career or started your own family. Tips to be skillful during coronavirus includes, unpacking your guitar or pick up that book and read up about coding. Get off your couch and put down your phone to begin living in the real world again. Try not to lose this passion once the lockdown ends! To keep it going, turn your hobby into a dedicated routine, wherein you spend at least an hour a day on the practice. To liven things up, you can even share your creativity on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

Introduce The Ritual Of ‘Family Games’

From board games with family at home, to charades or Pictionary over video conference, there’s plenty of how to be creative in lockdown that can be expressed socially too. Not only will you have interesting inside jokes, but you will fight loneliness and create a bond with loved ones. Creative games like Pictionary and charades can be mentally stimulating and bonding for a group. If you want to include your extended family and friends in your game sessions, you can use online gaming apps that connect people no matter where they are. If you want to get a little crazy and bold with your choices then set up an in-house karaoke. All you need is a device with access to YouTube – a TV, laptop, computer or mobile phone, and speakers.

Don’t restrict yourself to games or binge watching what is traditionally considered as ‘creative’. Do everything that fits your definition of ‘fun’. Just make sure that you’re creating something new, rather than lounging around watching TV and feeling sorry for yourself.

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