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The Surprising Truth about Pre-Diabetes

Everyone knows that Diabetes is on the rise but did you know that pre-diabetes is also a disease and you may have it! Read on to find out if what pre-diabetes exactly is, how you can find out if you have it and the precautionary measures one should take to prevent prediabetes and diabetes all together.

The surprising truth about Pre-diabetes, find out NOW!

Diabetes has now become a household name. Every Indian family seems to have at least one member or close relative affected by diabetes. The prevalence of the diseases is on a rise, and even though the condition is manageable, it still is a serious health concern. Since diabetes takes up all the limelight, we tend to ignore the existence of an equally concerning and associated condition – prediabetes. In this article, we’ll tell you what is prediabetes? Symptoms of prediabetes, how you can find out if you have it, the precautionary measures one should take to prevent prediabetes and diabetes altogether, and everything else that you must know about the condition


What Is Pre-Diabetes?


Pre-diabetes is a state in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a diagnosis of full-blown Type 2 diabetes. This diagnosis means that an underlying condition called insulin resistance is present. When you become insulin resistant, the insulin can no longer perform its job of providing sugar to the cells for energy. This causes the pancreas to produce more and more insulin for the sugar to reach the cells. When the body begins to do this, blood sugar levels begin to get slightly elevated— a condition called pre-diabetes.


What Are The Symptoms Of Prediabetes?

Diabetes develops very gradually, so when you’re in the prediabetes stage, you may not have any symptoms at all. You may, however, notice that:

  • You’re hungrier than normal
  • You’re losing weight, despite eating more
  • You’re thirstier than normal
  • You have to go to the bathroom more frequently
  • You have more fatigued than usual

You can check to see if you are prediabetic by taking the HbA1c Blood Test. This test checks the body’s average blood sugar in the past 2-3 months. The pre-diabetic Levels range from 5.7-6.4. Another test you can opt for is the FPG Blood Test, which measures the blood glucose level after fasting for 8 hours. Pre-Diabetic Levels for this test are from 100mg/dl to 125mg/dl.


Is This Condition Reversible?

This condition can easily be reversed with a few factors that need to be taken care of: food, exercise, and relaxation. Having a balanced diet is key. Avoid eating processed foods and focus on eating wholesome and fresh foods. Sometimes it is difficult to incorporate the beneficial amount of these ingredients from food sources so finding a natural supplement like Setu’s Sugar Shield that is specially made for pre-diabetics, that consists of the right balance of these ingredients would be an easy way to stay healthy in your busy lifestyle.


Foods to prevent prediabetes

  • Spices: Adding spices such as cinnamon, methi, turmeric, and cumin help control sugar.
  • Non-starchy vegetables: Salad greens, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli
  • Seafood with lean & healthy fats: Salmon, mackerels, shrimp, tuna
  • Whole grains: Brown rice, air-popped popcorn, farro, whole-grain barley
  • Legumes: Lentils, beans, tofu, edamame
  • Plant-based fats/oils: avocado, natural peanut, and nut butter, flaxseed, rice bran oil, coconut oil
  • Fruits: Peaches, berries, apples, watermelon, tangerines, oranges with no added sugar 1


Easy Exercises to keep the insulin in check

Exercising is also necessary for healthy active insulin. Working out causes the body to use more glucose so your body is trying to get sugar to the cells, which keeps the insulin active. When you exercise, you also destress, which helps with balancing hormones and also helps keep the insulin demand in check. Activities such as the following are a great way of keeping the body active and releasing stress.

  • Yoga: Yoga and meditation automatically help the body unwind and relax
  • 10-min Workouts: Studies have shown that 10-min workouts have had a more beneficial impact on diabetic patients. There were signs of hemoglobin improvements, drops in LDL or bad cholesterol, and drops in body mass indexes too. Not to mention, it’s easier to fit short workouts into your schedule.2You can click on this link to find short workouts to try out: https://www.popsugar.com/latest/10-minute-Workouts
  • Brisk Walking: Brisk walking helps manage insulin levels and keep them in check. Swimming is also another good option to maintain insulin levels.
  • Weights: When your body turns fat into muscle, your body does not only tone, but it is also great for regulating blood sugar. Doing a combination of weight training 2 times a week with 10 min workouts 3 times a week should guarantee you to avoid pre-diabetes and can help reverse it as well. Doing the following weight training exercises, one set of each with 10-12 reps will really change your body:
  • Chest Press
  • Leg curls (front and back)
  • Seated row
  • Shoulder press
  • Leg press
  • Lat pull-down
  • Crunches
  • Back extensions

It is important to be mindful of your body and what your body is going through. Always be alert of yourself and if you feel you may be pre-diabetic, get yourself checked.

Bottom Line

Prediabetes can be easily reversed and prevent you from leading the path towards diabetes. Simple and healthy lifestyle practices such as eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, maintaining healthy weight, getting enough rest, etc. can help you not only reverse the condition but also prevent it.

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